Sandals Resorts Improves Guest Satisfaction with Loop Mobile Guest Engagement Solution

Benbria announced this week that Sandals Resorts International selected Ottawa’s Loop Mobile Guest Engagement by Benbria to empower all properties – from the frontline to the executive team – to improve the guest experience.

In keeping with their reputation of being the world’s leading all-inclusive company, Sandals Resorts is placing Loop at the center of its daily operations to ensure the most memorable experience for its guests.

“Creating a truly memorable experience is at the heart of our commitment to our guests. The ability to proficiently capture and act on guest input and requests during their visit is key to this goal,” said Stuart Delapenha, Group IT Director, Sandals Resorts. “As a real-time communications and operational tool, Loop helps us stay connected with our guests’ needs, acknowledge their concerns and resolve their issues in real time during their stay.”

Leveraging the guest’s preferred channel of communication – SMS/MMS, mobile web, mobile app, email and kiosk – Loop empowers Sandals Resorts to deliver a highly differentiated experience to their guests. Sandals Resorts equipped their guest rooms, front desk and common areas with QR code-enabled signage inviting guests to “Help Make Their Stay a Perfect One.”

Using their smartphones, tablets or laptops, guests simply scan the QR code or enter the URL and in a matter of seconds a loop is created enabling guests to make a request, report a problem, make a suggestion or provide positive input on their experience.

The loop instantly alerts the appropriate hotel staff to take action to address the guest’s issue, and then close the loop while the guest is still at the hotel, resulting in the following three key benefits:

  • Recover at-risk guests – Real-time operational capabilities of Loop make it easy for guests to offer valuable insights on any aspect of their stay and get help from Sandals’ staff during their visit.
  • Foster positive online reviews – Loop allows Sandals to connect with guests privately and resolve issues before they socialize their experiences on TripAdvisor. Real-time action helps Sandals’ staff overcome any potential negative experiences and draw out more positive reviews.
  • Improve guest satisfaction – Loop empowers Sandals’ staff to focus on the guest experience. Staff members are notified when a guest asks for help and equipped with tools and insights that help solve the problem in real time, during their visit.

“Forward-thinking brands such as Sandals Resorts are continuously looking for new ways to improve the guest experience by proactively addressing issues before guests check out,” said Andrea Baptiste, CEO, Benbria. “With Loop, Sandals is driving real-time operational improvements so employees can act in the moment during a guest’s stay to improve their experience and drive lasting loyalty.”

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