Self Serve Advertising with Shiny Ads

I first met Shiny Ads Founder, Roy Pereira, at a Toronto-area social media meetup.  And one of the first things that crossed my mind was that this guy knows his business and is passionate about it.  Techvibes published a Shiny Ads feature article last year. So this won’t be another “introduction” to the company.  However, since then Roy has taken his company out of beta and has also implemented some nifty upgrades.

rpHowever, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Shiny Ads, here’s a quick refresher: Shiny Ads is an advertising technology company focused on helping online publishers maximize revenue from advertisers of all sizes. Basically, their cool technology allows small and local advertisers to quickly and easily purchase advertising without the need of special knowledge of terminology, designers, or a large budget. Excellent.

Now what’s so important about being “out of beta”?  Most important, Shiny Ads is now ready to take on the world…of local and small. (They call is servicing the long-tail of online advertising.)  They’re not testing their software anymore and they’re ready for business. So, if you’re a small company with a website you can still get other companies to adverise with you.  With Shiny Ad’s automated advertising management back-end process, payments are reconciled, banners are inserted into the publisher’s ad server, advertiser’s campaigns are monitored, and publishers are paid nightly.  The advertiser wins.  The content publisher wins!  Sounds cool to me.

According to Roy here are some of their other newly-launched features:

  • Doubleclick DART DFP ad server support.  Along with OpenX, Shiny Ads now directly supports DART DFP for campaign and banner insertion and monitoring. Support for DART includes many of the pricing models previously available including CPM, CPC, CPD (except exclusive). Also, we now support OpenX Enterprise Hosted.
  • Promotional Codes.  Send a discount code to your best advertiser or to a disgruntled advertiser.
  • Banner Templates.  There are several built-in banner templates but you can also create your own.
  • System Uptime monitoring.  In an effort to make our performance more transparent, the Dashboard section now displays Shiny Ads’ up-time in the last 30 days.
  • Page Monitoring.  Along with Google Analytics, we now support your own ComScore, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Quantcast, and Audience Sciences analytics monitoring codes on the Advertise pages.
  • Internal ad server statistics.  If you are running of of our internal ad server, the Dashboard section will now list impression/click statistics per advertiser for the specified period.
This is a no lose proposition for online publishers.  With basically zero budget you’re able to start monetizing your content from advertisers who everyone else is ignoring.