80,000 Online Stores Sold $1.7 Billion Worth of Products Through Shopify in 2013

Shopify had a strong 2013. The Ottawa-based e-commerce platform’s community grew to more than 80,000 stores, who sold a combined $1.7 billion worth of products in 121 countries.

That means Shopify added 40,000 stores in 2013 alone and sales rose by almost a billion dollars. They also doubled customer accounts, doubled net products for sale across all stores, and nearly doubled total orders placed.

“What an outstanding year for everybody involved with Shopify,” says CEO Tobi Lütke.

According to him, one in nine Americans have now bought something from Shopify.

With all of this online success, the Canadian company is looking beyond just e-commerce now and recently raised $100 million to do just that.

“We have now expanded our focus to include the physical retail world. With the launch of Shopify Payments, Shopify POS, and Shopify Mobile, we are the first company in the world to combine all the distinct parts needed to run a modern commerce business—in one amazing product,” says Lütke.

Shopify was also a finalist for Employer of the Year in the 2013 Canadian Startup Awards, and Lütke won Entrepreneur of the Year.


Shopify Ecosystem: 7.8 Million Customers Placed 9.9 Million Orders Worth $742 Million in 2012

To say Shopify is on a hot streak would be putting mildly. The Ottawa-based company was recently named Canada’s Smartest Company and is currently a finalist for 2012 Canadian Startup of the Year.

Yet we were still surprised by some of the statistics Shopify revealed in its 2012 Year in Review this week. The “theoretical mall of Shopify” would boast an astounding 42,000 shops, up from just 23,000 the year before. But the shops aren’t all contained within a mall: they actually span more than 100 countries—including Trinidad and the Bahamas—up from fewer than 90 in 2011.

Shops using the Canadian company’s software saw 7.8 million customers place 9.9 million orders worth a combined $742 million last year. And all of those numbers are up dramatically from 2011.

Check out dozens of other interesting Shopify facts in the infographic below.