Silicon Valley Reacts to Trump’s Triumph

Yesterday, the US shocked even itself by voting into presidency Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Silicon Valley, which overwhelmingly was sided with Clinton, is not happy.

Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Venture Capital in Palo Alto, has been aggressively retweeting anti-Trump messages, vilifying media and claiming sexism (despite the fact 89% of Republican women and nearly half of women overall voted Trump).

Ben Tossell of Valley startup Product Hunt semi-jokingly asked SpaceX founder Elon Musk when he’ll be ready to ship people to Mars. And Valley entrepreneur Tristan Walker apparently “terrified for my son’s hope.”

Not all Silicon Valley goers were down, however. Swimming through the sea of Liberal tears is Peter Thiel, who openly and financially endorsed Trump during the president’s campaign. Thiel understands the sentiment of voters—they want systemic change that completely undermines traditional politics—and believes Trump points toward “the remaking of one party to a new American politics that overcomes denial, rejects bubble thinking, and reckons with reality.”

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