Sunnytrail Helps Identify and Engage Your Most Influential Users and Customers

What would you do an influential, powerful celebrity purchased from your e-commerce site or signed up for your SaaS application?

Chances are nothing, as you likely treat all your customers as simply numbers and wouldn’t even realize that you had a big opportunity to leverage a whale of a customer.

Vancouver’s Sunnytrail wants to change that and has built a social intelligence platform for identifying and interacting with customers online. Sunnytrail enables web businesses to easily learn about their customers and decide which ones need to be engaged in order to achieve various business goals, most importantly word-of-mouth.

Sunnytrail connects to your e-commerce store (currently only Shopify or Goodsie) or your SaaS application and eliminates the research work required for any proactive user engagement initiative by automatically gathering data about each of your customers. It also monitors new customers in order to help identify important people that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Sunnytrail charges clients for use of its product based on the number of customers they have and manage through the platform. It has a free tier for clients who have less than 500 customers. Its second tier, for companies with up to 5,000 customers, costs $49 a month. Above that, and clients pay $99 a month for up to 20,000 customers.

Sunnytrail was co-founded by Octav Druta, Vlad Berteanu and Andrei Soare. The team is part of GrowLab’s first cohort and it’s backed by Boris Wertz’s new fund Version One Ventures, Mike Edwards of Initio Group. and BDC Venture Capital.