TD Bank, Flybits Collaborate to Provide More Personalized Banking Experience

TD Bank Group and Flybits this week announced an exclusive agreement within the Canadian financial services industry to collaborate on providing TD customers with more personalized mobile banking experiences.

Flybits’ cloud-based software program transforms mobile apps to deliver contextual experiences to each user, including personalized financial advice.

“A key focus for TD’s digital roadmap is to create more intuitive, personalized experiences that make customers’ lives simpler,” said Rizwan Khalfan, senior vice president and chief digital officer, TD. “We’re elevating our customer-centric approach by bringing in-the-moment experiences to each individual depending on their situation and needs.”

The Flybits solution will help better inform customers when making financial decisions by providing relevant content and services.

“We are excited to work with TD to bring Flybits technology to TD customers in Canada,” said Jerry Rudisin, CEO at Flybits. “Tailored, customized, and predictive experiences are becoming an expectation of consumers especially in financial services, and we look forward to collaborating with TD to help stay ahead of that demand.”

Under the terms of the agreement, TD will have an exclusive distribution arrangement within the Canadian financial services industry to use the Flybits software in its mobile apps.

Additional details will be made available in early 2016, TD says.