The Huffington Post Launches In Canada, Arianna Huffington delivers opening keynotes at CMA National Convention

At the Canadian Marketing Association’s National Convention this morning, Arianna Huffington spoke of a brave new world in media, ranging from the fairness and equality social media has brought upon the world away from the public relations’ spin of major media corporations to the challenging nature of emerging disruptive technologies that threaten the quality of content.

The Huffington Post finally launches in Canada today, despite being just outside the top 100 websites in the world according to Alexa, the Web Information Company in terms of traffic ranking with a brand new site just for Canadians –

With all the continued changes in media and technology, Huffington stressed: “Editors are going to become more and more important”.

Just as editors decide which news to break, Huffington also announced an open call for bloggers and journalists interested in writing for The Huffington Post on a wide array of topics. You can e-mail her at .

She went on to say: “Its an amazing time to be alive. This is a golden age for journalism”.

What the “golden age of journalism” allows for is an explosion of creativity and passion, for anyone’s voice to be heard, and for the basic social sharing tools to filter out the content that is the most relevant to the education level of society as a whole. 

Even as one United Kingdom judge recently warned that technology was spiraling out of control Huffington said that with more concerned individuals comes more empowerment.

The Huffington Post allows for the old world and the new world of media to blend together, but she stressed: “Brands that are willing to engage in the conversation & not hide behind the glossy image are the ones that are going to win”.

That means honesty, openess, and sharing will prevail more in the long run, essentially the moral fabrics of society as a whole as false advertising and the non-disclourse of information will not be as greatly accepted in the age of the Internet.

An inspiring speech for sure, but perhaps tainted by the acquisition of The Huffington Post by AOL in February for $315 million dollars.

Regardless, The Huffington Post remains one of the most popular digital media sites in the world, and its wide array of opinions and categories are nearly second to none, AOL backed or not.

After all, in the marketing world, and especially at the Canadian Marketing Association’s National Convention, content remains king.