WagJag.com looks to leverage social media and save you money

Update: WagJag CEO defends company’s customer service record in the face of complaints


WagJag.com is looking to leverage technology, viral marketing and the popularity of social media sites to give individual consumers access to exceptional “group buying” discounts on everything from restaurants and spas to theatre tickets and clothes. 

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it is and it isn’t.  If enough people “opt-in” to buy the latest offering, you can potentially save a lot of money.  If not enough people want the product?  Oh well.  What about another product?  You’ll have to wait until the following day as only one product per day is offered for sale.

Here’s how it works: On a daily basis WagJag will feature a product or service at an exceptional price that is only available if a minimum number of consumers agree to buy it in a limited period of time. WagJag is hoping you’ll hop on Twitter, Facebook, your smartphones, email, and every other communication tool available to share the deal with your friends.

Consumers get something they want at a price they love.  Merchants get the inherent brand awareness as well as the sale.

Jeremy Zuker is the Founder of WagJag:

Our offers can save consumers a lot of money, but WagJag is not just about the deals.  The offers on great stores, events and products all represent something new to be discovered for our community of active consumers. And, using WagJag.com is fun and engaging – social commerce works to everyone’s benefit.  Our vendors love it because they have a risk-free way to drive significant volume and build brand awareness during a time when traditional marketing efforts are coming up short.