Walmart and Digimarc Make the Physical Catalog Digital

The world’s largest retailer's app and Digimarc barcodes brings the catalog to life.

Need to Know 

  • Walmart has announced a digitized shopping experience for app users aimed at creating a convenient digital experience of their print catalog.
  • ‘Scan & Shop- Powered by Digimarc’ allows customers with Google Android and Apple iOS devices to scan then shop hundreds of toys from Walmart’s holiday toy catalogue including over 150 exclusives.
  • The Scan and Shop technology is prominently featured in 35 million catalogues available in Walmart’s approximately 4,800 U.S stores and mailed directly to shoppers and omnichannel toy resellers. 


A new Walmart Scan & Shop feature, powered by Digimarc, is now live in over 35 million printed catalogues closing the gap between print advertisement and online sales in an entirely new way for the world’s largest retailer. 

Brands like Walmart are looking to tech for ways to utilize print media, increase customer retention, and capture the eyes and fingertips of consumers during this lucrative season.

“Creating convenience for Walmart’s customers was a key priority for this year’s toy catalog,” said Alvis Washington, Walmart’s VP of marketing, adding, “Through our partnership with Digimarc, we were able to enhance our catalog with a scan & shop option for our customers. This is an exciting new feature that I know will resonate with our customers.”

Adobe forecasts $143 billion in U.S online sales this holiday season, with six fewer shopping days than last year with the most anticipated gifts coming from the toy category.

Earlier this month toy giant Toys’R’Us Canada announced a partnership with Snapchat in a first-to-market augmented reality experience as part of their 2019 holiday toy campaign. 

Digimarc has stated they intend to look for additional innovative ways to improve the shopping experience for Walmart customers.  ‘Scan & Save’ will be among the most widely distributed print projects in Digimarc’s portfolio, delivering new insights in the competitive retail landscape. In April, the two teamed up to introduce Fresh Product Labels, a campaign focused on reducing food waste and improving efficiency and accuracy at checkout.