Canadian Startup Wantering Launches Fashion Search Engine

Wantering has launched a fashion search engine that allows shoppers to discover and buy clothing from hand­picked boutiques, flash sales sites, and select major retailers.

The Vancouver-based startup says that the rapid growth of online shopping has created such an overwhelming amount of choice that shoppers now take six times as long to make a purchase online versus traditional retail. Wantering offers an alternative where shoppers can “browse the inventory of the best online retailers in one place through a simple and beautiful interface.”

“We’re completely obsessed with giving people the tools they need to shop better,” says Matt Friesen, CEO and co­founder of Wantering. “People deserve an easier way to browse for clothing, discover new brands, and buy items that they’re going to love.”

Wantering’s fashion search engine solves several of the most basic problems in online shopping. Its proprietary coolhunting algorithm pulls from more than 100 million datapoints from across the social web to surface the hottest products in every category. Wantering’s stock­checking technology gives near real time inventory and sale information, allowing shoppers to avoid browsing out of stock items, stay within their price range, and find the latest deals.

“We talked to a lot of shoppers and found that when it came time to make a purchase, even the savviest of them would wind up with five or six browser tabs open to shop from all of their favorite retailers,” added Friesen.

Shoppers can explore items by materials, prints, colors, and brands. According to the Canadian company, it currently has over 500,000 products available, with “thousands more” added daily.