Is Wattpad the Number One Website Powered by a Canadian Company?

Wattpad believes that it is the most visited website in the US of any Canadian company.

The Toronto-based company says that, according to Quantcast, it ranks 273 in the list of most visited website in the US. Here are the stats Wattpad cites:

1. 300 million images are served daily, despite the site being about the written word.

2. 380 million pageviews per month on Wattpad’s website, despite 80% of traffic coming from its mobile app.

3. 100 terabytes of data served monthly.

4. 140 million mobile app sessions per month.

5. 200 millon API requests per day.

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Wattpad won Best Overall Canadian Startup of 2011 and last year won Innovator of the Year from PwC. Cofounded by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, the company provides a free way for people to read fiction and share creative writing on any type of web and mobile device.

Quantcast is one of several such site ranking services. Others include Alexa and Compete. Last year, SEOmoz compared these services and described the accuracy of Quantcast’s data as “terrible,” noting charts are often “directionally wrong and off by multiple orders of magnitude.”