Where’s the Strangest Place You Use Your Smartphone?

smart bomgs

The Huffington Post recently published an article that claims “Smartphone Users Are Using Their Phones in the Bathroom.” This was based on Google’s research  on how users are using their phones. The findings of the survey suggest that smartphone users not only use their phones in the same way they use their laptops or desktop computers, but they are also going beyond what  computers have traditionally offered.

I’ll admit that I only became a bathroom reader after I began using a smartphone. It makes sense. I realized that my time on the porcelain throne was time that could be used to check emails or update my Facebook status. And if somebody ever needs to reach me, I’m stil available. I’ve recently bought my first paper-based bathroom reader to supplement my smartphone usage — on the occasion that I don’t have my phone with me.

People have been finding new ways to use phones even before they became smart. When I was in school, I thought it ingenious when people used their phones to text answers to each other during exams (we used to have to pass notes by hand). Now, as an almost unlimited amount of information lies just beyond our fingertips, teachers have caught onto the technical advantage of these smartphones and won’t allow them into classrooms. It may even be an argument in favour of banning Wi-fi in classrooms. In the same way that we weren’t allowed calculators for basic math tests, is the smartphone the new electronic pocket calculator for information? 

As advertising companies search for new ways in which to integrate their exposure within new mediums, it is interesting to see how consumers actually see.

Yet many advertisers aren’t catching on. 79% of top advertisers don’t have a mobile website where 42% of us click mobile ads, 35% will visit the advertiser’s website, 49% make a purchase and 27% will use a mobile site to call the business.

So, aside from revolutionizing the way in which we make our doo-doo, I wonder is there any other interesting places where people use their smartphones?