Would you like free wi-fi with that? McDonald’s to offer across Canada

Today, more than 1,000McDonald’s Restaurants across Canada will flick the switch on free and unlimited Wi-Fi thanks to Bell.

By month’s end, more than 90 per cent of the company’s 1,400 plus locations nationally will be enabled with the new service, making McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada one of the country’s largest providers of free Wi-Fi. 

No purchase is required to use the service. For added convenience, the new and unlimited Wi-Fi service features a one-click entry point that doesn’t require a username or password.

“Expanding Bell’s already-leading Wi-Fi network into more than 1,000 McDonald’s restaurants demonstrates our ability to successfully meet the large-scale requirements of our enterprise customers,” said Almis Ledas, Vice President of Corporate Development at Bell Mobility. “This partnership between Bell and McDonalds means Canada’s best network just got better.”

For more information about free unlimited Wi-Fi @ McDonald’s and participating locations, click here.