Yeti Unveils AR Shopping Experience

The new tool lets users visualize over 50 items such as coolers and backpacks in their own physical spaces.

Need to Know 

  • As the use of augmented reality in retail continues to boom, outdoor goods retailer YETI has launched its own AR experience.
  • The new tool lets online shoppers visualize over 50 YETI products in their own space and zoom in to see specific features.
  • AR is becoming increasingly popular in the post-pandemic retail world, with major brands like Pinterest and Amazon trying the tech out too.


Outdoor goods retailer YETI has unveiled a new virtual experience, offering augmented reality and 3D visualizations online. The Austin-based brand is partnering with technology provider Vertebrae to deploy the new tool. 

Using the new immersive tech, online shoppers can place more than 50 items, such as coolers or backpacks, into their physical space to better visualize a product’s size, materials, and dimensions. 

Shoppers can access the visualizations directly from YETI’s product page — no need to download an app or open another website. Products can be “placed” anywhere in the shopper’s physical space, at home or outside, and can be zoomed in to see features and technology close up. 

“At YETI, we take pride in developing durable, high-quality and top-performing products but these attributes can be difficult to experience in the online setting,” said YETI CTO Matt King. “AR brings our technology and features to life offering shoppers the opportunity to interact and evaluate YETI products digitally in their own environments, building confidence and providing a strong reason to believe.”

The use of augmented reality in retail has boomed since the onset of the pandemic last year. As retailers scramble to reimagine the retail experience and offer an online experience that can match the in-store experience, AR has proven helpful. 

“More than half of all consumers are willing to use AR for shopping, more than any other emerging tech including retail self-checkout, and 76% of those who have tried AR say that the tech has increased their confidence to purchase online,” said Vince Cacace, founder and CEO of Vertebrae.

Major players like Pinterest, Amazon, and even Gucci have leaned into the benefits of AR. 

Pinterest’s AR Try-On tool allows users to “test” lipstick and eyeshadow products from brands like Lancome, YSL, and Urban Decay.

Amazon launched a Room Decorator tool that lets users visualize how decor and housewares would look in their home, and Gucci’s Snapchat-integrated tool lets users “try on” shoes and purchase from directly within the app.  

According to e-commerce giant Shopify, retailers with AR content show a 94% higher conversion rate than products without.