10 Collision Talks You Won’t Want to Miss

By BrainStation May 16, 2019

Collision, the fastest-growing tech conference in North America, is kicking off in Toronto on May 20th, and more than 25,000 people are expected to attend, including a wide range of leading CEOs, founders, investors, and more.

The conference has something for just about everyone, with a dizzying list of speakers, discussions, and events. To help you navigate the conference, we picked out ten Collision talks that you won’t want to miss.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

As you can imagine, artificial intelligence and automation are on the minds of many industry leaders, and a number of speakers are focusing on the impact this will have on their industries. At the root of these discussions: data.

Data garbage and data gold: A guide for brands – Tuesday, May 21, 3:25 PM

Execs from Hulu, NBC News, Wolff Olins, and Union Square Ventures will discuss how they’re “turning knowledge about ‘what’ consumers are doing into useful answers about ‘why’ and ‘how.’”

Integrating AI: Where do we start? – Tuesday, May 21, 3:45 PM

This session focuses on the implementation of AI, with a versatile group of executives from Accenture, Etsy, and more.

Building an AI arsenal Wednesday, May 22, 4:20 PM

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey talks about developing cutting-edge AI while respecting “ethical and geopolitical realities.”

Digital Marketing Today (and Beyond)

Linda Boff, GE

Linda Boff, GE

Collision is a hotbed of digital marketing discussion, and this year’s edition offers a number of interesting discussions for marketers of all levels and industries, including:

From typing to talking: How voice is changing search – Wednesday, May 22, 11:45 AM

Sarah Bird, the CEO of Moz, discusses the transition from typing to talking, and how businesses should respond.

The technology of storytelling – Wednesday, May 22 12:00 PM

Poppy Crum, the Chief Scientist at Dolby Labs, talks about intelligent technology and computational advancements, and how they relate to storytelling in the 21st century.

Inside the CMO studio – Tuesday, May 21, 10:50 AM

Go behind the scenes with two of the world’s leading CMOs: Linda Boff at GE, and Jamie at Wells Fargo.

Design for the Future

Dmitri Dolgov, Waymo

Dmitri Dolgov, Waymo

Collision is a good place to get a sense of future trends and developments, and a number of experts are weighing in this year, including:

Snap’s vision for the camera – Tuesday, May 21 10:30 AM

In this talk, Eitan Pilipski, the VP of Camera Platform at Snap Inc., outlines the vision for a future where computing is no longer confined to a screen in our hand.

Driverless cities: Self-driving at scale – Tuesday, May 21, 10:25 AM

In two years, Waymo has run ten million miles of testing and launched a fleet of autonomous cars in Arizona. What will it take to bring self-driving cars to people around the world? CTO Dmitri Dolgov explains.

The future is bright for virtual reality – Wednesday, May 22, 12:15 PM

Dominic Mallinson, PlayStation’s Global Head of Research and Development, discusses what his team is exploring and why he’s excited about VR’s future.  

Transforming a trillion dollar industry – Thursday, May 23, 2:00 PM  

Adi Tatarko, the Co-founder and CEO of Houzz reveals how the company plans to transform an industry at more than $1.2 trillion in the U.S. and Europe alone.


Collision is from May 20 to May 23, at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, Canada. See BrainStation at Collision, booth #E107