6 Websites That Create A Great User Experience

By BrainStation July 17, 2015

Whiteboard breakdown
There are over 1 billion websites active at this very moment. Some are innovative, some are boring. Some are great resources, and some you spend hours on daily for no apparent reason. However, with so many websites out there, how do you make yours memorable?

We’ve compiled a list of webpages to draw inspiration from. Covering a broad span of subject matter and uses, these sites all rock in the UX/UI department.

1. Googleideas – Is it shocking that Google’s page has one of the smoothest UX’s? The website, used as a means to create products that support access to information, boasts one of the more impressive UI’s we’ve seen. The combination of the video in the back really emphasizes their vision to inform viewers about the threat of online hackers.

2. Critical Mass – With a mix of great graphic design and UX design, Critical Mass, a full-service digital experience design agency, creates a seamless experience as visitors scroll through colourful graphics and breathtaking photos.

3. Paprika – Easily one of the most creative models, Paprika’s logo changes every time you refresh the page. You can spend a lot of time solely trying to see how many different logos they’ve come up with! The site itself is beautifully executed, and flows in one continuous stream, so there’s no need to hit the back button. Each time you divert from the main page, you can continue to scroll down to find your spot.

4. Urban Walks – Created as a promotional platform for their iPhone app, Urban Walks has created a very integrated page to demonstrate the capabilities of their app. The app, which offers walking tours of New York City, is beautifully designed, with colourful caricatures, and offline capabilities which is essential for tourists. The app combines many of the golden rules of UX design and it works flawlessly.

5. WWF Run 4 Tiger – In quite possibly one of the most notable fundraisers I’ve seen, WWF has created an app to test the speed of a human vs. a tiger they are tracking in the wild. Users connect to the app with their favourite running app, and are put head to head against the tiger. If you succeed, great, but if you don’t, you are required to donate $5 to the WWF. The website itself also has beautiful graphics that react to the placement of your mouse.

6. Beagle – This responsive website offers users the tools to create better proposals. It operates as a single page, and as the user scrolls down, has wildly creative transitions between pages.

What are some of your favourite websites that boast great UX Design? Tweet them to us at @BrainStation!