9 Great YouTube Channels for UX Designers

By BrainStation October 22, 2019

Whether you’re exploring the ins and outs of UX design for the first time (hint: it stands for user experience) or hoping to hone your skills as a seasoned designer, there’s a YouTube channel out there to inspire and inform.

BrainStation has rounded up nine of the best channels — some to hone your skills in certain niche areas, others to spark a new way of looking at your craft, and a few that dive into the whole, broad skillset UX designers use every day.

The Futur

Whether you’re looking for general UX videos, or ones exploring branding, graphic design, marketing, or freelancing skills, you’ll find it on The Futur. Ditto for entry-level explainers and deeper dives into moving up the ladder.

The channel has more than 560 thousand subscribers, and it’s no surprise given the depth of content offered, including more than one multi-part series tackling different skills and tools in a UX Designer’s arsenal.

If you’re looking for the ultimate primer on all things UX, check out their overview video.


Gary Simon has two decades of experience in full-stack development, and now he’s sharing his insight into UI/UX, front and back-end development, graphic design, and more to 440 thousand subscribers and growing on DesignCourse.

He starts with the basics — what’s the difference between UX and UI, anyway? — and gets into the nitty-gritty details designers need to know, from crash courses in HTML/CSS to an exploration into accessibility requirements.

ML UX Academy

In case the channel’s name didn’t give it away, let’s be clear: This is a space for anything and everything UX.

For the last decade, Senior UI/UX Designer Mike Locke has been building this tutorial trove on YouTube, sharing his top career tips. 

And job hunters, take note — it’s practical, real-world stuff that could help you land your next gig. Recent offerings include advice videos on how to showcase your UX portfolio in an interview and what type of education you need to get a foot in the door.


Around a million people subscribe to Nathaniel Dodson’s YouTube channel, which puts a personal spin on life as a Designer. 

Alongside vlogs about his own journey, Dodson offers tips and insight for Photographers, Retouchers, and Graphic and Logo Designers — a good mix of fields for a UX expert to understand.

Plus, there are a ton — seriously, a ton — of tutorials on all things Adobe, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Illustrator.


TypeEd’s goal is bringing the craft of typography back to graphic design. And their videos are a worthwhile watch for UX Designers, too, since they teach the time-honored tradition — still relevant in 2019 and beyond — of creating visually-persuasive messages. 

The offerings include video walk-throughs of everything from what good typography looks like, to designing a personal brand identity with purpose.

Oh, and the crew behind this YouTube channel has some serious street cred: The company has worked with the likes of Disney, Mattel, and Facebook.


If you want a broad-strokes window into the design world, let Charli be your guide. 

A Web and Graphic Designer from New Zealand, who’s now in London, she regularly posts design videos, tutorials, and vlogs on her channel.

Some of the most helpful ones might answer some career questions you probably want to ask but haven’t: Things like why it’s helpful for Designers to know coding, what types of design jobs are out there, and how to set career goals.

Spoon Graphics

If you’ve striving to master the Adobe design world, or at least speak the language better, it’s worth checking out the channel run by Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics.

Through dozens of tutorials, he tells subscribers how to create stunning digital artwork by sharing tips and tricks in video format — and offers advice on creating some real niche and quirky stuff. 

Think of a retro mascot logo, custom camouflage pattern, or an old-painting style pet portrait. (Hey, you never know when you’ll want one.)

Yes I’m A Designer

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, take it from Martin Perhiniak, a self-professed “Adobe Design Master” who was voted one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world by student feedback in 2015. 

His YouTube channel spans the basics — design principles and Adobe skills — and also dives into deeper meanings behind color choices and compositional techniques. 

What’s particularly cool is that you’re learning from someone with big-screen experience, since Perhiniak was a designer and retoucher on both Pixar’s Cars and Toy Story.

Will Paterson: Logo Design & Hand Lettering

For so many brands, a big part of their identity boils down to the company logo. 

Any UX designer hoping to dig deeper into this aspect of the design world need look no further than Will Paterson’s popular channel, which explores the world of both logos and lettering. 

On one end of the spectrum, he teaches you how to design a modern brand logo and analyzes existing ones. On the other end, he walks you through the flourishes and fluidity of brush lettering — if you’re interested in kicking it old-school.

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