Alumni Stories: How Design Training Transformed a Marketing Podcast

By Salvatore Ciolfi April 21, 2020

Dakarai Turner graduated from BrainStation’s UX Design Diploma Program in the Winter of 2019. He is now a Product Designer at 7Shifts and the Co-Founder of The MAD Mix, a blog and podcast for young professionals that blends tech industry discussion with pop-culture references and current events – all from a marketer’s perspective.

We recently caught up with Dakarai to discuss the origins of the podcast and the impact BrainStation has had on his career.

“There were so many resources that were given to us from the Education team in terms of portfolio reviews, advice, resume workshops that really prepared me to have that confidence going into interviews. I really credit BrainStation for helping me land a job a couple of months after graduating. I think without them it would have been hard to do all that […] on my own,” he said.

Check out the full interview with Dakarai:

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