BrainStation Launches Digital Leadership and Innovation Course

By Emily Peck January 11, 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of BrainStation’s Digital Leadership and Innovation Certificate Course

The Digital Leadership and Innovation course is designed to help you leverage disruptive technologies and lead organizations through digital transformation. Taught by industry leaders currently working in the field, the course uses an analytical, project-based learning model that ensures professionals get experience engaging with emerging technologies and business strategies.

“As I interact with executives and leaders in digital across the world’s top organizations, it has never been so clear that a digital-first culture and approach is more essential than ever for businesses to meet the needs of their users and customers. We’re proud to offer this professional development course, which will empower professionals to lead their organizations to new heights,” said Jason Field, BrainStation Founder and CEO.

What The Course Covers 

BrainStation’s Digital Leadership and Innovation Course will give you the foundations of digital leadership strategy, concepts, and case studies, including: 

Understand and Leverage Disruptive Technology
Eliminate the confusion around the disruptive technologies that are impacting businesses around the world. Understand their capabilities and how they enable new business models to drive digital transformation.

Apply Design Thinking to Digital Transformations
Learn design thinking and how it is used to identify and execute on innovation opportunities, regardless of industry or business.

Learn to Lead Digital Transformation
All leaders need to know how to harness digital transformation to enable rapid innovation through the application of technology. Learn how to manage through disruption with cross-functional teams, digital roadmapping, and Agile principles.

Man maps out ideas on paper with a team

Step into your next chapter and increase your team’s organizational impact. Enroll today to tap into a global network of instructors and students at some of the most innovative organizations in the world.

“The digital leaders of today know what will keep them the digital leaders of tomorrow. Knowing how to harness digital transformations to enable rapid innovation through the application of technology will become a baseline for organizational success,” said Field.

Learn to Lead Digital Transformation

As the world becomes more reliant on digital spaces, organizations are facing pressures to stay competitive while continuing to enhance user experience and customer satisfaction. Forbes noted 2020 saw more digital transformation in one year than in the past decade.

With significant changes rapidly evolving in every industry, organizations need to be ahead of the curve and adopt strategies and technologies that will enable them to anticipate the needs of their consumer to provide timely, valuable offerings.

Field noted, “In an increasingly technology driven world, the Digital Leadership and Innovation Certificate Course can help motivated professionals and business leaders identify and execute on opportunities, which is an increasingly important ability when creating competitive advantages.” 

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