BrainStation Partners with First Nations Technology Council

By BrainStation December 13, 2019

BrainStation is proud to announce a partnership with the First Nations Technology Council, an Indigenous-led, not-for-profit organization in British Columbia. 

Under the partnership, BrainStation will provide up to 34 individual scholarships for certificate courses and diploma programs in data science, design, development, marketing, and product management. Scholarships will be offered to qualifying students referred by the First Nations Technology Council. 


“Our mission has always been to make digital skills training accessible to as many people as possible, and this partnership is a first step to ensuring that Indigenous peoples in BC have the tools, education, and support to thrive in the digital age,” said Kyle Treleaven, the Vice-President and General Manager of BrainStation. 

Founded in 2002, the First Nations Technology Council works to ensure that Indigenous peoples have the tools, education, and support to thrive in the digital age. Over the years, the Council has partnered with over 150 Indigenous communities across the province to provide advice, insights, and technology-related training. It also plays a leading role in community research projects, developing strategies to advance equitable, affordable, and sustainable access to technology and affordable internet in Indigenous communities.

“As the future of work becomes increasingly reliant on workers with digital skills, we know how critical it is to empower the next generation of Indigenous technologists to pursue rewarding careers in the technology and innovation sector, and most importantly, in growing local digital economies,” said Denise Williams, CEO, First Nations Technology Council. 

“We at the Technology Council view Indigenous participation in the digital economy as a key driver in closing the socioeconomic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and encouraging Indigenous innovation for the benefit of all in society. We are looking forward to working with BrainStation, a global leader in workforce transformation,” she said. 

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