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By BrainStation May 6, 2016

This week, we had the chance to sit down with Brie and Reuben from VanCityWild. Read on to find out more about this pair and their inspirational story.

What is VancityWild?

We are Brie + Reuben, and together we make VancityWild. We are west coastin’ PNW adventurers; followers of trails, climbers of mountains, wilderness wanderers, and true lovers of life.

As VancityWild, we exist to inspire the city-dwellers of British Columbia and beyond to get outside and explore, starting with the mountains and forests right in our backyard. We know how easy it can be to get stuck in a fast-paced urban lifestyle, and we want to show people how attainable nature can be from our city by sharing photos of our beautiful province as encouragement.

We started as an Instagram feed filled with photos and descriptions of hikes and destinations that are accessible to anyone, and we have since transitioned into a website that provides more detail. We can be found on all other social media networks @VancityWild.

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How did VancityWild Start?

We’ve always been outdoorsy people, but we tended to stick to the hikes we were familiar with. One sunny weekend we were searching for somewhere new to explore around the area, and we quickly learned how difficult it was to find up-to-date and easy to follow information about local trails. This inspired us not only to be more adventurous with our excursions but also to merge our affinity for technology, photography and adventure and start an Instagram feed and website to inspire other Vancouverites to get out and enjoy the endless hikes in the area.

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How do you decide where you’re traveling to?

We often draw motivation from other Instagrammers we admire, and we have a running bucket list of places we want to visit. Next, we zone in on options depending on how much time we have, (hours, days or weeks), and whether the trip is local or a plane ride away. Hitting up Instagram locations is a great way to check out what the current conditions are of any particular area.

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What is your favourite Vancouver trail?

Our favourite would have to be St. Marks Summit on Cypress. It’s a classic, four hour round trip hike that brings you to the most incredible 360 degree views of Howe Sound. It’s the west coast at its finest!

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What is your favourite place you’ve been to so far?

It’s safe to say we both love warm climates and the ocean because our current favourite destinations would have to be Oahu, Hawaii, and Noosa, QLD, Australia.

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Outside of adventures, what do you guys like to do?

We’re both pretty big tech nerds, so when we’re not outside, you can usually find us on our computers or editing photos. We spend a lot of time exploring new coffee shops and restaurants as we are pretty big foodies! We also have a small addiction to Netflix…but who doesn’t?!

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Where’s your next stop?

Aside from the adventures we have planned around Vancouver over the next few months, we hope to explore some of the Gulf Islands in April, Oregon in May, and Hawaii in June.

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How can people reach you?
Say hi at:
Instagram: VancityWild
Snapchat: VancityWild