Finding the Balance: Growth vs. Brand Marketing

By Salvatore Ciolfi April 13, 2020

Finding the Balance: Growth vs. Brand Marketing, a BrainStation Digital Leadership Event, attracted thousands of professionals from the world eager to better understand the balance between growth and brand marketing.  

You can watch the panel event here:


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As always, the panelists touched on a number of topics, including: 

  • Defining brand, growth and performance marketing
  • Team structure and how marketing teams work together
  • Emerging tools and tactics 
  • The most in-demand marketing skills
  • Measuring campaign performance

Discussing the internal struggle many companies have balancing growth versus brand marketing, Lyft’s Whitney Bell came to the defense of brand-building initiatives. 

“The tension [between brand and performance marketing] is something we struggle with all of the time. It’s easy to say ‘with this incentive we can show this ROI or CPA,’ but it can be a struggle getting [stakeholders] to understand that an investment in branding is just that – an investment. We can’t always give in to those shorter-term pressures,” she said.  

Ultimately, though, the panelists agreed that a balance is almost always best, as Trouva’s Juliet Warkentin explained. 

“There is nothing that happens at Trouva that happens in a silo. We do not succeed as a business unless we are integrated and supportive of each other’s projects and KPIs,” she said. 

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