From Consultant to Product Manager at Canada Post

By BrainStation September 28, 2017

Thinking of making a career switch? Get inspired by Madhur Munjal, who graduated our 10-week full-time UX Design program in Toronto, as well as our part-time Product Management course.

What were you doing before the UX Design program?

I was working as a Consultant at EY in their Fraud Investigations & Dispute Services team helping them solve cases using my skills in Data Analytics and Data Forensics.

What prior experience (if any) did you have in the material taught?

I had no experience in the material that was covered in class.

Why did you decide to enroll in the program?

I was exploring different avenues of which skill to learn next. I felt that UX Design would be a skill that would be handy to take my career into a new direction.

What were your feelings going into the program? Excited? Nervous?

I was super excited to learn and grow in the coming 10 weeks.

Can you think of any “aha” moments during the program? Moments of achievement, overcoming an obstacle etc.?

My aha moment was in week 5. We were learning about low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity wireframes and user testing. I quickly realized how my skills in Data Analytics gel in very well with user testing and how I could use the results to my advantage and create an effective design keeping the user’s need in mind.

What job did you land coming out of the program?

I landed a job as an Associate Product Manager at Canada Post. I will be part of the Product Team and will be working on multiple products that Canada Post already has in place for its customers.

Advice to someone looking to make a career transition into tech?

Keep faith in yourself. Everyone has a different journey and go through different experiences in life. Never compare yourself to others and take criticism in a positive way to learn from it.

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