From Mechanical Engineer to Web Developer

By BrainStation April 6, 2017

web development alumni

Meet Marko, a full-time Web Development Alumni who decided to commit to building a new skill-set after being unfulfilled with his career in engineering.

“Before the course, I was working a few different part-time jobs, before that, I was a mechanical engineer but gave that up because I really wasn’t enjoying it.”

Why BrainStation? “I enrolled in the program because after researching about the prominent web technologies at the time, BrainStation was the bootcamp that taught the ones I wanted to learn and it was a local, in-person program and not just online.

I was optimistic going into the program. The space was definitely appealing and Daniel (General Manager) gave me a good idea of what to expect from the course which was reassuring. I was eager to get going because it was a full-time commitment and in that situation, I wanted to get the most out of the investment.”

Where is he now? “After the program, I was hired by Konrad Group as an intern for a few months and then as a full-time Software Developer. I will forever be grateful to Konrad because they gave me the start that’s so hard to get as someone with no prior work experience in the industry. I currently work for UNICEF in New York City as a Front-end Developer.

I build UIs for an ambitious project that is streamlining and centralizing the way Project Managers within UNICEF view and track partnerships and projects throughout the global offices. My day to day involves collaborating with partner developers from across the globe on various tasks and keeping a consistent code base.”

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