Why I’m Taking the Online Product Management Course

By BrainStation April 3, 2018

Anthony is a Commerce Student at Toronto’s Ryerson University where he’s focusing in Marketing and Business Law.  He’s looking to upgrade his digital skills by enrolling in BrainStation’s Online Product Management Course which runs in the evenings so he’s able to take it on top of his existing studies.  Learn more about him and why he’s taking this course below.

What is your education and career background?

I am completing my Bachelors of Commerce from the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University; Marketing major with a focus in business law.

What role do you currently hold in your career?

While still in university, I recently completed a term as the Communications Coordinator at Henry’s – the leading camera store in Canada.

What course are you enrolled in for this cohort? 

I am enrolled in the Online Product Management course.


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Why did you decide to take this specific course?

It seemed to offer a curriculum specific to my interest in product marketing and management that I am sure will challenge my skills and develop me as a Marketer and Product Manager.

How did you first hear or read about the course and BrainStation?

I had the opportunity to attend some workshops at the Toronto Campus as a delegate of the Queens University Marketing Association Conference (QMAC). The location and the venue itself were amazing.

I won a scholarship to BrainStation through the QMAC event. The curriculum seems to offer very specific learning material, and the instructors seem to be reputable engaging individuals.

What are you looking to achieve within the time enrolled in the course? What concept or area are you most interested in?

As a freelancer & entrepreneur, I am interested in learning more about Lean Product Development and how to develop a Minimal Viable Product.

What gave you the push or sparked your interest to further your digital skills and education overall?

Being so early in my career, I want to equip myself with experiences and a deeper understanding of marketing as a whole to give myself an advantage over my peers upon graduation from university. I believe my time at BrainStation will set myself up for success in the long term by expanding my marketing acumen.