Student Experience | Online Product Management Course

By BrainStation March 21, 2018

Online Product Management CourseMeet Alex, she works in Financial Services in Downtown Toronto and has taken part in 2 different courses across 2 campuses.  She participated in our Digital Marketing Course at our Toronto campus, as well as our Product Management course through our Online Campus.  Read about her experiences with us in our online live lecture class, and why she decided to try our online campus.


What led you to look for a course at BrainStation?

Word of mouth, I had a few friends that had attended events or enrolled in a BrainStation course. (Side note: I also spend a fair amount of time at Quantum coffee and was always intrigued by the cool open concept Toronto space that BrainStation operates in.)

What led you to enroll in a course at BrainStation?

I’m a big advocate of continuous learning and was on the hunt for a course that would elevate my digital skillset and help me provide immediate value across a wide range of industries and job titles. 

What were your feelings going into it on day one?

I was looking forward to delving deeper into the world of Product Management, beyond the surface level knowledge I had gained from attending various FinTech speaker series events. Having taken an in-person course at BrainStation in the past, I was also curious as to how it would work from an online perspective and if I would enjoy one format of learning over the other.   

Did you have any prior experience with the course content?

I had some background going in to it, but definitely still had a lot to learn.

What was your experience like in class, with your instructors and with the content?

I really enjoyed my experience, and appreciated the fact that since the class was so small and intimate, it still made it easy to engage with our instructor and my peers, just as I would have in a face-to-face setting. With the BrainStation educators all having worked in the relevant field, this also allows you to hear first-hand about their true day to day experiences, and hear about real life examples that reinforce the course content and terminology being taught to us.

Would you recommend this program to others?

All in all I would definitely recommend the Product Management course at BrainStation to others. The part time course in particular is very manageable while working a full time job and when the assignments are on a topic that is both interesting and relevant, it hardly seemed like “homework”. The online course was a nice change up to the traditional in class setting that I was used to, particularly for anyone that doesn’t live or work right near the campus.