Why BrainStation is Offering 12-Week Diploma Programs

By BrainStation March 1, 2019

BrainStation recently expanded its 10-week full-time programs to offer 12-week, diploma programs in Web Development, User Experience Design, Data Science.

BrainStation diploma programs

Expanding and enhancing our full-time programs provides a number of benefits for our graduates, including:

The Chance to Earn A Diploma in Their Field

Program graduates now earn a provincially recognized diploma upon completion of a full-time program, ensuring that their resume further stands out in the job market.

Increased Career Services

Students now have additional time to benefit from BrainStation career services, including portfolio development, mock interviews with industry professionals, power hours with industry leaders, and office tours of leading tech companies.

Two Weeks of Additional Learning

12-week diploma programs begin with two weeks of Online Live and On Demand instruction, which sets the stage for 10 weeks of collaborative, project-based work at BrainStation’s state-of-the-art campus.

BrainStation's Online Live

Why do BrainStation Diploma Programs Include an Online Component?

BrainStation’s diploma programs are designed to transform student skill sets and prepare them for success on the job market and in the workforce.

To that end, the online component of BrainStation’s diploma programs is intended to help students:

Build Foundational Skills in Their Field of Study

With two full weeks of online instruction, you can develop basic, foundational skills in your new field of study, ensuring that you can hit the ground running once you’re on campus.

Learn New Platforms and Software

New to Slack? Never used Sketch? The first two weeks online will allow you to explore all the features of new platforms and relevant software – allowing you to really maximize your time on campus.  

Practice Real-World Online Collaboration

The modern tech world is increasingly reliant on remote work and collaboration, and the online component provides an opportunity to collaborate across digital platforms, allowing you to work remotely with Instructors and classmates for two weeks.  

Personalize Their Learning Experience

BrainStation diploma programs are powered by Synapse, the world’s first data-driven learning platform. Synapse gathers key insights to personalize the learning experience, accelerate learning, and facilitate networking with classmates and professionals around the world.

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