Why Digital Marketers Should Learn Code

By BrainStation October 5, 2015

From Social Media and E-Mail Marketing, to reviewing increasingly complicated data, marketing is continually evolving on a daily basis.  ‘Digital Marketers’ have adapted to this new landscape but how many actually understand the inner workings of these campaigns?  How many will be able to change a CTA or fix a broken link without referring to a dev team?  This is why I believe learning web development is incredibly important for any marketer looking to make their mark in the industry.

Here are a few examples why learning code will be helpful for any digital marketer.

Don’t Waste Money

It’s easy to throw $50,000 to buy your social media presence, but how efficient is it?  As a digital marketer, you can run various campaigns to maximize your ROI.  From A/B testing in e-mail campaigns, to reviewing your website CTA’s, you can save yourself unnecessary dollars on inefficient campaigns.

Quick Fixes

A lot of the times, you need to consult your dev team for simple changes to your website.  This takes time away from your dev team from working on higher level tasks and sometimes can take weeks to complete.  With a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, marketers can do simple tasks such as changing photos to updating hyperlinks without having to bug your dev team.

Communicate Effectively

When you do consult with your dev team, communicating clearly will push your project forward.  Marketers with a basic understanding of how development works will know what may and may not work ahead of time.  Furthermore they will be able to understand the project scope and assist in ideation.

Understanding Your E-Commerce Site

In 2010, e-commerce sales increased 12.6% to $176.2 billion. By 2015, experts are predicting sales to reach $278.9 billion. With basic coding knowledge, marketers can set-up simple e-commerce sites with the help of platforms such as Shopify.  

Drive Traffic To Your Site

Blog content is a tool to push your website’s SEO.  According to HubSpot’s 2014 State of Inbound Report, marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.  With this in mind, digital marketers who consistently work on pushing out content will become successful.

Reviewing Data

Breaking down inbound marketing activity or closed sales analytics are all important for marketers to review their sales funnel.  With a coding background, marketers will be able to craft dashboard charts tailored to help you review weekly analytics.

Ready to start coding?


John Yoo is the Marketing Intern at BrainStation