Why I’m Taking BrainStation’s Product Management Course | Casey

By BrainStation July 10, 2018

Casey has recently started working in business development for Teach Away, a global teaching recruitment and placement platform. As she works to expand and develop the company’s product offerings, Casey found that her new role requires skills beyond the scope of her previous experience.

We asked Casey about why she is taking the Product Management course and how she plans on utilizing her learned skills to excel in her new position.

BrainStation: What is your education and career background?

Casey: I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. I originally thought that I would graduate and find a job in my field, with a focus on community health promotion. With only volunteer experience on my resume it was tough to get my foot in the door, so I expanded my search and was lucky enough to land an entry-level software sales job at D2L (Desire2Learn). I ended up finding sales to be a great opportunity to promote something that I developed a passion for.

I spent three years at D2L as both a Business Development Representative and a Team Lead on their BDR team and then took a sales role at an e-learning company in Vancouver when I moved from Ontario. My role then transitioned to doing business development for their sister company, Teach Away.


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How did you first hear about BrainStation?

My friend previously worked at BrainStation and my coworker Shannon has taken a course with you.

Which course are you currently enrolled in?

Part-time Product Management at the BrainStation Vancouver campus.

What sparked your decision to register for the course?

Over the past year or so, my role with Teach Away has evolved and I have found myself doing work outside of a traditional sales role as I adapted to the needs of the business. I have been working closely with our CEO to identify opportunities to expand the business and bring new products to market. I realized that I have been doing a lot of on-the-job training which was great, but felt that I needed more formal training to help me excel in my role.

What aspects of the course are you most excited about?

I am most excited to learn about product finance as this is one area where I feel lost when tasked with revenue models and pricing strategies in my current role. It will be great to learn tools and techniques that I will be able to bring back to my role.

How are you hoping to apply these product management skills in the future?

I am hoping to not only apply these skills in my current role, but to increase the value that I can bring to any opportunity by rounding out my skills and developing a better understanding of different parts of a business.

Learn more about the Product Management course Casey is taking, and the skills she will be developing.