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Machine Learning Engineer

What Does a Machine Learning Engineer Do?

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Machine Learning Engineers are highly skilled programmers who develop artificial intelligence (AI) systems that use large data sets to research, develop, and generate algorithms that can learn and make predictions.

Overall, this role is responsible for designing machine learning systems, which involves assessing and organizing data, executing tests and experiments, and generally monitoring and optimizing the learning process to help develop strong performing machine learning systems.

Many job descriptions call for knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java, and C/C++.

What Is the Difference Between a Data Analyst and a Machine Learning Engineer?

While a Data Analyst combines data sets with the goal of generating insights that can be used by organizations or leaders, a Machine Learning Engineer uses data sets to develop programs that enable machines to run with minimal human intervention. These programs need to be able to handle the vast amount of data that businesses are collecting today as well as run smoothly within the existing ecosystem.

For example, a Machine Learning Engineer might develop something like Spotify’s recommendation engine or a program for a self-driving car.

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