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How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

What Jobs Can You Get With Python?

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An understanding of Python can open up a plethora of new job possibilities. You can use Python to write code, build websites, optimize data algorithms, and implement security and data protection. Here are some examples of roles you can pursue that require Python:

  • Python Developer: This one might be obvious, but yes, there are Developer roles for tech companies and traditional industries alike that are looking for a Developer to be responsible for all Python programming.

  • Machine Learning Engineer: This type of Engineer is required to work with huge amounts of data and learning Python is considered a must.

  • Product Manager: Knowing Python doesn’t mean you have to stick within Development. Product Managers are always assessing user data and audience behavior to help guide product decisions. Python can be helpful in effectively evaluating the data in order to make smart business decisions.

  • Data Analyst or Scientist: Use Python to find the value in raw data. Many companies are seeking someone to work with large data sets so that they are legible and understandable to other stakeholders in the company.

  • Data Journalist: Publications like the New York Times and Vice have made reputations as great storytellers not just because of their writers, but because their stories are so often paired with visually stimulating and compelling data. Brands have also come to depend on data journalism in the form of infographics and blog posts to use as part of their content marketing strategy. With a knowledge of Python you could be the perfect person to pull that data and create appealing visualizations.

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