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Student Project Showcase

BrainStation Demo Day

Reserve Your Spot
Reserve Your Spot

Graduate Project Showcase

Date, Time and Location


Wednesday, September 4th, 2019


4:00 - 7:00 PM


460 King St W


Enter through the glass doors on Spadina.


Demo Day is BrainStation's graduate project showcase, which celebrates everything our full-time students have accomplished during their diploma program.

Designed to connect graduates with cutting-edge companies, the event is an opportunity for our full-time students to demo their final projects to hiring partners and the BrainStation community.

Join us for an opportunity to meet top data, design, and development talent, see demos of live projects, and network with other industry professionals.


  1. Time:11:30 - 2:00 PM Description: Invite-only hiring partner session
  2. Time:4:00 - 6:00 PM Description: Graduate project showcase
  3. Time:6:00 - 7:00 PM Description: Evening Social
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BrainStation's Diploma Programs

BrainStation's diploma programs are designed to deliver a hands-on, project-based learning experience, emphasizing collaboration and outcomes-based skills development. Program curriculum is updated in real-time by industry experts, and built around real-world projects, ensuring that graduates are ready to step into a range of professional roles.

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Data Science

Data Science

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Science Researcher
User Experience Design

User Experience Design

  • User Experience Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Product Designer
Web Development

Web Development

  • Front-end Developer
  • Full-stack Developer
  • Back-end Developer

Our Graduates

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  1. Andrew Berry head shot

    Andrew Berry

    Data Science

  2. Andrew Russell-Hosein head shot

    Andrew Russell-Hosein

    Data Science

  3. Bobby Broz head shot

    Bobby Broz

    Data Science

  4. Brunilda Sequeira head shot

    Brunilda Sequeira

    Data Science

  5. Douglas Guglielmelli head shot

    Douglas Guglielmelli

    Data Science

  6. Edward Johnson head shot

    Edward Johnson

    Data Science

  7. Eman Smadi head shot

    Eman Smadi

    Data Science

  8. Farhan Ahmed head shot

    Farhan Ahmed

    Data Science

  9. Gary Guo head shot

    Gary Guo

    Data Science

  10. Ivan Guan head shot

    Ivan Guan

    Data Science

  11. Joaquin Sanchez de Lozada head shot

    Joaquin Sanchez de Lozada

    Data Science

  12. Lagunarajan Thangarajah head shot

    Lagunarajan Thangarajah

    Data Science

  13. Lauren Taylor head shot

    Lauren Taylor

    Data Science

  14. Nimmy Thomas head shot

    Nimmy Thomas

    Data Science

  15. Anna  Bandi head shot

    Anna Bandi

    User Experience Design

  16. Brently  Jorgens head shot

    Brently Jorgens

    User Experience Design

  17. Clara  Lee head shot

    Clara Lee

    User Experience Design

  18. Derya Bilgin head shot

    Derya Bilgin

    User Experience Design

  19. Drago Rozman head shot

    Drago Rozman

    User Experience Design

  20. Guney Kocabas head shot

    Guney Kocabas

    User Experience Design

  21. Jordan Billinkoff head shot

    Jordan Billinkoff

    User Experience Design

  22. Julie Yip head shot

    Julie Yip

    User Experience Design

  23. Marielle Fontaine head shot

    Marielle Fontaine

    User Experience Design

  24. Peter Crout head shot

    Peter Crout

    User Experience Design

  25. Rebecca Coffin head shot

    Rebecca Coffin

    User Experience Design

  26. Scarlett Zhang head shot

    Scarlett Zhang

    User Experience Design

  27. Shara Chao head shot

    Shara Chao

    User Experience Design

  28. Stefany Pantuso head shot

    Stefany Pantuso

    User Experience Design

  29. Stephanie Shaw head shot

    Stephanie Shaw

    User Experience Design

  30. Yogesh Morar head shot

    Yogesh Morar

    User Experience Design

  31. Zack Ginies head shot

    Zack Ginies

    User Experience Design

  32. Alex Beeson head shot

    Alex Beeson

    Web Development

  33. Andre Lowy head shot

    Andre Lowy

    Web Development

  34. Arshad Kazi head shot

    Arshad Kazi

    Web Development

  35. Ash McCarthy head shot

    Ash McCarthy

    Web Development

  36. Benjamin  MacDonald head shot

    Benjamin MacDonald

    Web Development

  37. Danbi  Kim head shot

    Danbi Kim

    Web Development

  38. David Urzua Runyon head shot

    David Urzua Runyon

    Web Development

  39. Dmitry Goronkov head shot

    Dmitry Goronkov

    Web Development

  40. Frank Zhang head shot

    Frank Zhang

    Web Development

  41. Harminder Kaur Virk head shot

    Harminder Kaur Virk

    Web Development

  42. Ian Anderson head shot

    Ian Anderson

    Web Development

  43. Ilya Baykhuzin head shot

    Ilya Baykhuzin

    Web Development

  44. Iskandar  Kurbanov head shot

    Iskandar Kurbanov

    Web Development

  45. Joshua  Taguicana head shot

    Joshua Taguicana

    Web Development

  46. Nicanor Oguname head shot

    Nicanor Oguname

    Web Development

  47. Suyang  Song head shot

    Suyang Song

    Web Development

  48. Vasim Kapadia head shot

    Vasim Kapadia

    Web Development

  49. Zaratustra Ahmadi head shot

    Zaratustra Ahmadi

    Web Development

  50. Zhixin Wang head shot

    Zhixin Wang

    Web Development

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