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Student Project Showcase

BrainStation Demo Day

Graduate Project Showcase


Demo Day is BrainStation's graduate project showcase, which celebrates everything our full-time students have accomplished during their diploma program.

Designed to connect graduates with cutting-edge companies, the event is an opportunity for our full-time students to demo their final projects to hiring partners and the BrainStation community.

Join us for an opportunity to meet top data, design, and development talent, see demos of live projects, and network with other industry professionals.

BrainStation's Diploma Programs

BrainStation's diploma programs are designed to deliver a hands-on, project-based learning experience, emphasizing collaboration and outcomes-based skills development. Program curriculum is updated in real-time by industry experts, and built around real-world projects, ensuring that graduates are ready to step into a range of professional roles.

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Data Science

Data Science

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Science Researcher
Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Social Media Manager
User Experience Design

User Experience Design

  • User Experience Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • Product Designer
Web Development

Web Development

  • Front-end Developer
  • Full-stack Developer
  • Back-end Developer

Our Graduates

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  1. Ali Eddeb head shot

    Ali Eddeb

    Data Science

    Project: Detecting Fake Online Reviews

    Utilizing unsupervised learning techniques to detect cluster(s) of fake reviews

  2. Alice Liu head shot

    Alice Liu

    Data Science

    Project: Hotel Review Analysis

    Analyzing NLP in the Hotel Review Comments

  3. Angel Phanthanourak head shot

    Angel Phanthanourak

    Data Science

    Project: Classifying letters of the ASL alphabet

    Deep learning to predict letters of the American Sign Language alphabet from a live video.

  4. Arash Khosravi head shot

    Arash Khosravi

    Data Science

    Project: Customer Analysis and purchase prediction

    Used supervised and unsupervised learning to make application for full customer analysis and recommendation system

  5. Ashima Marwaha head shot

    Ashima Marwaha

    Data Science

    Project: Toronto Restaurant Recommender

    Content-based and collaborative filtering models to generate recommendations for restaurants in Toronto

  6. Aviel Stern head shot

    Aviel Stern

    Data Science

    Project: Use of NLP to predict wine ratings

    Classification model to predict wine scores from using wine reviews, geography, vintage, and variety.

  7. Cheng Zhang head shot

    Cheng Zhang

    Data Science

    Project: Ninja Road of Modelling: Particles Classification CERN

    Multipile-class classification by using both machine learning & deep learning models for the best accuracy.

  8. Daria Aza head shot

    Daria Aza

    Data Science

    Project: RoadBoost

    Intelligent Traffic Light Control System

  9. Dene Stalk head shot

    Dene Stalk

    Data Science

    Project: Putting the Cure into Strategic Procurement

    NLP ensemble multi-class classifier to predict spend categories using Government of California's purchase order data

  10. Dennis Ceh head shot

    Dennis Ceh

    Data Science

    Project: Image Inpainting

    Using neural networks to fill in holes in photos

  11. Jack Macintosh head shot

    Jack Macintosh

    Data Science

    Project: Automating App Development

    A function that analyzes AppStore data to help create new apps.

  12. John Zaim head shot

    John Zaim

    Data Science

    Project: Recommendation Systems

    Movie Recommendation with Collaborative Filtering

  13. Karim Chidami head shot

    Karim Chidami

    Data Science

    Project: Bitcoin price prediction

    extracting actionable information from the blockchain and using deep learning to predict bitcoin price

  14. Kevin Sia head shot

    Kevin Sia

    Data Science

    Project: Exploring Topics in the #NBA Twittersphere

    Application of unsupervised machine learning models to discover NBA topics on twitter

  15. Logan Konarek head shot

    Logan Konarek

    Data Science

    Project: NBA Machine Learning

    Using ML to determine how NBA stats have changed and what makes a player elite

  16. Matthew Han head shot

    Matthew Han

    Data Science

    Project: Predicting Premier League Match Outcomes

    Using a poisson model to predicti premier league match outcomes and their probabilities

  17. Mikaela Ergas Lenett head shot

    Mikaela Ergas Lenett

    Data Science

    Project: Predicting Customer Churn in Telcom Company

    Using various supervised machine learning models to asses which customers are most likely to churn

  18. Nick Mahon head shot

    Nick Mahon

    Data Science

    Project: YouTube Recommender System

    Using Long-Short-Term-Memory Neural Network to weigh video corpus and provide recommendations based on video weights.

  19. Nikesh Suthar head shot

    Nikesh Suthar

    Data Science

    Project: Game Recommender

    Using Nearest Neighbors and a content based recommendation to return 5 games of users choice

  20. Philip Sohn head shot

    Philip Sohn

    Data Science

    Project: DJ Tuner: Music Generation

    Using a recurrent neural network generative adversarial network to generate video game music.

  21. Rami Alyamour head shot

    Rami Alyamour

    Data Science

    Project: PaDDLe (ML in Sports Science)

    Software application using sport science analytics with machine learning to monitor athletes and players

  22. Renan Peneluppi head shot

    Renan Peneluppi

    Data Science

    Project: Breakaway succes rate in cycling

    Machine learning API to support race strategy to win a bike race avoiding a sprint.

  23. Setareh Erfani head shot

    Setareh Erfani

    Data Science

    Project: Exhalent: Diagnosing Lung Disease

    Classification of respiratory sounds has the potential to detect abnormalities in early stages of disorders.

  24. Suzan Shaker head shot

    Suzan Shaker

    Data Science

    Project: Detecting bias in the media

    Using NLP and Google sentiment analyzer to derive insights and detect bias in the news

  25. Tola Ogunniyi head shot

    Tola Ogunniyi

    Data Science

    Project: E-commerce recommendation systems

    Use of Machine Learning techniques to provide product recommendations

  26. Tom Keith head shot

    Tom Keith

    Data Science

    Project: Genre Genie

    App to predict movie genres from plot summary (multi-label classification with NLP)

  27. Varun Janardhan head shot

    Varun Janardhan

    Data Science

    Project: Author Attribution (Profiling) using NLP and Machine Learning

    Predicting age and gender of the author by analyzing text using machine learning techniques.

  28. Xavier Uldry head shot

    Xavier Uldry

    Data Science

    Project: Machine Learning for Automated Alert based Trading

    Use of a Neural Network to predict short term exchange rate for multiple currency pairs.

  29. Albert Ly head shot

    Albert Ly

    User Experience Design

    Project: GuideMe

    GuideMe helps travelers manage their trips by consolidating travel plans and automatically generating customized itineraries.

  30. Amanda Friday head shot

    Amanda Friday

    User Experience Design

    Project: GRO

    GRO takes the effort and confusion out of gardening to provide enjoyable experiences for beginners

  31. Amy Vu head shot

    Amy Vu

    User Experience Design

    Project: Next

    Next facilitates recent grads in etablishing relationship with hiring employers and launching their careers.

  32. Anita Ngo head shot

    Anita Ngo

    User Experience Design

    Project: Goalie

    Goalie is a goal-oriented savings app designed to make savings efficient and social.

  33. Anuyan Kugavarathan head shot

    Anuyan Kugavarathan

    User Experience Design

    Project: myMed

    myMed empowers you to understand, track and take control of your health.

  34. Begum Oral head shot

    Begum Oral

    User Experience Design

    Project: Woofy

    Woofy helps dog parents / dog caregivers stay informed, organized, and productive.

  35. Callum Birtwistle head shot

    Callum Birtwistle

    User Experience Design

    Project: Evolved

    Evolved helps to reduce anxiety for first time electric vehicle drivers through effective planning methods

  36. Carlos Litonjua head shot

    Carlos Litonjua

    User Experience Design

    Project: PawCheck

    PawCheck gives you the tools to streamline the pet sitting process with reliable communication tools.

  37. Chantal Otum head shot

    Chantal Otum

    User Experience Design

    Project: Gren Hero

    GreenHERO creates high impact climate action plans tailored to your lifestyle

  38. Christina Chen head shot

    Christina Chen

    User Experience Design

    Project: continual

    Continual helps consumers make eco-friendly purchasing decisions through an informative platform for sustainable fashion.

  39. Daniel Stein head shot

    Daniel Stein

    User Experience Design

    Project: Nancy

    Nancy is your pocket garden assistant. Grow your own food, no matter your dwelling.

  40. Erin McDonald head shot

    Erin McDonald

    User Experience Design

    Project: Apprentice

    Apprentice is an art discovery mobile application designed to support emerging artists.

  41. Faris Agha head shot

    Faris Agha

    User Experience Design

    Project: Medici

    Medici: Buy and sell shares in a curated selection of the world’s top performing artworks

  42. Flora Ng head shot

    Flora Ng

    User Experience Design

    Project: BabySkin

    BabySkin helps beauty conscious consumers make smarter skincare purchases through personalized recommendations and skin monitoring.

  43. Floria Chu head shot

    Floria Chu

    User Experience Design

    Project: traflo

    traflo a travel platform that allows you to view all your recommendations in one place.

  44. Gino Agra head shot

    Gino Agra

    User Experience Design

    Project: HomeGrown

    HomeGrown highlights local clothing brands to help them get the exposure that they derserve.

  45. Hanz Sison head shot

    Hanz Sison

    User Experience Design

    Project: DLVRD

    DLVRD helps courier drivers become more efficient by planning and queueing their deliveries.

  46. Ishita Jain head shot

    Ishita Jain

    User Experience Design

    Project: IncluSit

    IncluSit is an all inclusive public transit app focusing on the payment component.

  47. Jae Austin Lee head shot

    Jae Austin Lee

    User Experience Design

    Project: canIMM

    canIMM offers secure and reliable Canadian immigration services, at no cost

  48. Janus Tiu head shot

    Janus Tiu

    User Experience Design

    Project: Chattie

    The safest digital environment for young adults to ask, talk and learn about sex.

  49. Jesse Martini head shot

    Jesse Martini

    User Experience Design

    Project: Snoozr

    Snoozr lets you block office contacts so you can be more social.

  50. Jiayu Duan head shot

    Jiayu Duan

    User Experience Design

    Project: Sunny

    Sunny: help new plant owners take care of their plants easily and professionally

  51. Joseph Baroud head shot

    Joseph Baroud

    User Experience Design

    Project: Sponges

    Sponges helps adults learn the best ways to clean and perform maintenance around their home.

  52. Judy Yen head shot

    Judy Yen

    User Experience Design

    Project: loop

    loop: a social platform that connects close friends through the things they love

  53. Karen Xiong head shot

    Karen Xiong

    User Experience Design

    Project: Locals

    Locals help connect and build meaningful relationships with your neighbours

  54. Katarina Cheley head shot

    Katarina Cheley

    User Experience Design

    Project: BEAUTY CYCLE

    BeautyCycle: conveneint recycling services for cosmetic products. Alleviates the task of sorting through ambiguous materials.

  55. Makeeda Johnson head shot

    Makeeda Johnson

    User Experience Design

    Project: Trip

    Trip helps young adults plan their leisure travel by providing suggestions from like-minded individuals.

  56. Marc Tessier head shot

    Marc Tessier

    User Experience Design

    Project: found

    Found is a GPS pet finding app with a communal twist.

  57. Maria McCormick head shot

    Maria McCormick

    User Experience Design

    Project: iGotit2

    iGotit2 helps seniors to stay connected and active by finding social gatherings in their neighbourhoods.

  58. Maryam Ndope head shot

    Maryam Ndope

    User Experience Design

    Project: maint.

    maint. provides an easy paperless way for tenants to report maintenance issues to their landlord

  59. Mickaila Sandre head shot

    Mickaila Sandre

    User Experience Design

    Project: Sustainable

    Sustainable helps eco-conscious consumers practice sustainable living by competing with their friends in various challenges.

  60. Nikki Agra head shot

    Nikki Agra

    User Experience Design

    Project: Trestle

    is a social media platform that empowers and connects parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with each other.

  61. Phoebe Solomon head shot

    Phoebe Solomon

    User Experience Design

    Project: Dwell

    Makes it easier for millennial condominium owners to communicate with their property managers, while providing convenient access to condo-related services.

  62. Ruben Meitardjian head shot

    Ruben Meitardjian

    User Experience Design

    Project: PolitiSize

    PolitiSize provides news in a bite sized format and provides you with electoral insights

  63. Sanchala Tripathi head shot

    Sanchala Tripathi

    User Experience Design

    Project: CultureFit

    CultureFit helps recruiters evaluate a candidate's workplace culture fit in order to reduce turnover

  64. Sarah McAleese head shot

    Sarah McAleese

    User Experience Design

    Project: ouichef

    Helping young female cooks connect with mentors, to increase job oppurtunities and improve the industry.

  65. Sarah Weber head shot

    Sarah Weber

    User Experience Design

    Project: Reach

    to help homeless invididuals in Toronto reliably and easily access support services

  66. Scott Sobere-yu head shot

    Scott Sobere-yu

    User Experience Design

    Project: Social Eyes

    Help kids in low-income families find activities to build better relationships and be budget conscious

  67. Sky Hong head shot

    Sky Hong

    User Experience Design

    Project: wecover

    social platform allowing inpatients to connect with each other for emotional support during their journey

  68. Tasmia Shefa head shot

    Tasmia Shefa

    User Experience Design

    Project: CONNECDATE

    ConnecDate helps busy couples schedule and plan dates, based on their availability and interests

  69. Tristan Ho head shot

    Tristan Ho

    User Experience Design

    Project: Liber

    Liber helps post-secondary students access and accelerate their readings through a unified platform for e-textbooks.

  70. Ursha Rajah head shot

    Ursha Rajah

    User Experience Design

    Project: cumin

    cumin is designed to connect locals and restauranteurs -where daily specials can easily be found

  71. Vanessa Kwan head shot

    Vanessa Kwan

    User Experience Design

    Project: Lemon House

    Lemon House helps elevate the experience of university/college students looking for off-campus accommodations.

  72. Vickie Chountalos head shot

    Vickie Chountalos

    User Experience Design

    Project: Hive

    Hive is a private network that brings separated families closer together through meaningful profiles.

  73. Anna Mastoris head shot

    Anna Mastoris

    Web Development

    Project: Danger Zone

    A game that immerses users into survival scenarios based on their current location.

  74. Arnold Don Paul head shot

    Arnold Don Paul

    Web Development

    Project: TUT-9001

    simplified workout app to keep users moving in times of social distancing and self isolation

  75. Balkirat Singh head shot

    Balkirat Singh

    Web Development

    Project: myMovie

    myMovie: A website to pair you with best movie to watch based on your mood

  76. Eula Bengco head shot

    Eula Bengco

    Web Development

    Project: EaterMeter

    Food place metasearch engine app for restaurant reviews to get your bang for buck!

  77. Gurtaj Chhabra head shot

    Gurtaj Chhabra

    Web Development

    Project: Hestia

    Crime statistics and other data for neighbourhoods/addresses in Toronto, Ontario

  78. Idil Hyder head shot

    Idil Hyder

    Web Development

    Project: You Have Food At Home

    App designed to help end food waste while helping users discover new cuisines and recipes

  79. Jacob Bayisa head shot

    Jacob Bayisa

    Web Development

    Project: Toronto Rental

    Toronto Rental is a website used to connect house rental providers with customers.

  80. John Ray Martinez head shot

    John Ray Martinez

    Web Development

    Project: Süber

    Süber: An arcade driving game that punish players for being sleepy or drunk (in game)

  81. Kate Cook head shot

    Kate Cook

    Web Development

    Project: FacePlant

    Socal network for plant lovers.

  82. Konner Bouchard head shot

    Konner Bouchard

    Web Development

    Project: pineapplehue

    Discovers colour palettes from your favourite pictures, then hints style designs for your new app!

  83. Laith Harb head shot

    Laith Harb

    Web Development

    Project: blumber

    An online platform for university students to get help for their classes

  84. Lesley Dent head shot

    Lesley Dent

    Web Development

    Project: Odyssey80

    An 80s themed text-adventure game where you help update a computer to 2020.

  85. Mariam Kilyana head shot

    Mariam Kilyana

    Web Development

    Project: DateMate

    Allows users to match with a Date or Mate for a desired outing/activity.

  86. Millard Le head shot

    Millard Le

    Web Development

    Project: Avocarbs

    Mobile food recipes app primarily for people on keto / low-carb diets

  87. Nelson Mendez head shot

    Nelson Mendez

    Web Development

    Project: Simple Kanban

    App that provides users with a simple, clean interface for keeping track of their work

  88. Peter Christidis head shot

    Peter Christidis

    Web Development

    Project: Liga

    A mobile web app that delivers information on matches from the world's top football competitions

  89. Phillip Kellogg head shot

    Phillip Kellogg

    Web Development

    Project: Dungeon Crawl RPG

    A turn based RPG where you beat up a wizard because he called you wimpy!

  90. Rachid Toufique head shot

    Rachid Toufique

    Web Development

    Project: Little Stories

    Allows users to read short stories, comment or suggests alternative endings.

  91. Rafay Ali head shot

    Rafay Ali

    Web Development

    Project: Jigsaw

    A job postings board that helps users keep track of the status of their applications

  92. Rajat Bansal head shot

    Rajat Bansal

    Web Development

    Project: Yummy Recipes

    Web App to view recipes by cuisines, categories, specials & upload your own recipes

  93. Robert Nafrada head shot

    Robert Nafrada

    Web Development

    Project: backpack

    A web application that helps you plan your trips. All services in one backpack

  94. Roberto Jan Liao head shot

    Roberto Jan Liao

    Web Development

    Project: AniLife

    Simple site cater towards people looking for information and recomendations of anime titles.

  95. Ruina Zhang head shot

    Ruina Zhang

    Web Development

    Project: Health Nut

    Allows users to search for foods and obtain nutritional information and add to food tracker.

  96. Sehroz Khan head shot

    Sehroz Khan

    Web Development

    Project: TradeTourney

    Peer 2 Peer Trading Tournament. A Better Way To Trade.

  97. Thomas Griffiths head shot

    Thomas Griffiths

    Web Development

    Project: Rally

    Rally enables spontaneous hangouts by connecting users with their nearby friends over current, shared interests.

  98. Tiffany Chan head shot

    Tiffany Chan

    Web Development

    Project: QueuePid

    A music compatibility app, helping users find their musical soulmate through their Spotify data.

  99. Vidusion Puva head shot

    Vidusion Puva

    Web Development

    Project: MambaScore

    A website that displays NBA stats of players and teams with real-time data

  100. Yuta Obara head shot

    Yuta Obara

    Web Development

    Project: StreamValue

    StreamValue makes it easy for consumers to choose between streaming service providers based on preference.

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