Adobe Brings AI to the Masses with Intelligent Services

Built on the Adobe Experience Platform, Intelligent Services will help customers interpret data and predict consumer behaviour.

Need to Know

  • Adobe has launched Intelligent Services, a new AI tool that delivers five unique services all leveraging the Adobe Experience Platform.
  • The new software will help customers that may not have access to advanced IT resources to better collect and interpret data.
  • Intelligent Services is not just for analytics and insights, but for “predictive optimization.”
  • The five intelligent services are Customer AI, Attribution AI, Journey AI, Content and Commerce AI, and Leads AI.


Adobe has released a new artificial intelligence (AI) product: Intelligent Services

Intelligent Services, built on the Adobe Experience Platform, was developed to address a problem that many companies face: the growing need for AI solutions and a lack of expertise in the area. The smart software was designed to allow Adobe to support organizations that may lack the budget or experience to fully enable AI in predicting customer behavior, interpreting data, and ultimately making smarter business decisions. 

“There is so much data coming in, and customers are struggling to leverage this data — and not just for the purpose of analytics and insights, which is a huge part of it, but also to do predictive optimization,” Adobe’s VP of ecosystem development Amit Ahuja explained.

Pulling data from the Adobe Experience Platform, which works with data from not only Adobe products but other resources a marketing team may use, the platform’s Intelligent Services include: Customer AI (understanding customer behavior), Attribution AI (quantifying the impact of every touchpoint), Journey AI (understanding the best time and channel with which to target a customer), Content & Commerce AI (delivering guidance on creative variables that result in high performance), and Leads AI (predicting leads that are likely to become tangible). 

One Adobe customer, NVIDIA, is using Customer AI to better identify customers at risk. With a 96% accuracy rate, Adobe’s AI service was able to provide a segment of customers that would be better served with more specific content. 

“AI and machine learning have a big role to play in the future of marketing,” said Derek Sun, digital marketing analyst at NVIDIA. “Adobe’s Intelligent Services provide mature data science models that are both flexible and fast to deploy, helping us be more in tune with our communities and deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.”

NVIDIA also benefited from Attribution AI, which allowed them to better understand different customer touchpoints while driving event registrations. By optimizing paid search around a certain set of keywords, they were able to drive a 5x lift in event registrations. 

“Adobe’s introduction of Intelligent Services, powered by Sensei, that are aligned with common marketing tasks not only makes it much simpler to utilize AI, but they also bring the power of AI to more of the marketing team,” says Monica Lay, principal product marketing manager at Adobe. “This increased utility will allow more brands to take the next step for enhancing the customer journey and improving their interaction with brands.”

Always innovating, Adobe has recently partnered with ServiceNow to integrate their software systems to improve the tools used by customer service representatives. And earlier this year, Adobe joined the cloud service industry with the launch of Adobe Experience Manager, a cloud-based content management solution whose big-name clients include Nissan, Chipotle, and Under Armour.