Citi, Mastercard Partner to Expand ‘Click to Pay’

Citi cardholders can now enable Click to Pay and use a one-click checkout from their mobile wallet.

Need to Know 

  • CitiBank and Mastercard have collaborated to improve Citi customer’s checkout experience and streamline online shopping.
  • By enabling Click to Pay functionality, Citi customers can now pay for purchases in an easier and more secure one-click experience.
  • So far, over 10,000 merchants have adopted Click to Pay. 


CitiBank and Mastercard are teaming up to streamline the online checkout experience. By leveraging Mastercard’s Token Connect function, Citi cardholders can push their card details from the Citi Mobile App to merchants and Click to Pay, resulting in a seamless checkout experience. 

Mastercard’s Click to Pay solution launched in the US in late 2019, making it easier to pay for online purchases without entering credit card information. Security is enhanced through a process called “tokenization” that replaces physical card numbers with one-off tokens during online checkouts. 

By adopting Mastercard’s Click to Pay technology, Citi customers can now enjoy a simpler, more secure, and consistent checkout experience.

As Mastercard’s executive vice president of products and innovation Jess Turner told PYMNTS, “Click to Pay had been essential even before COVID-19, but what COVID-19 has done is really highlighted a new need for safer and faster ways to pay digitally.”

Turner added that Click to Pay “adds a level of calmness to the experience”, making checkout easier and reducing the likelihood of a customer abandoning their shopping cart before seeing their purchase all the way through. 

So far, 10,000 merchants, a mix of big names and smaller brands, have enabled Click to Pay on their online sites. CitiBank is now focused on encouraging enrollment from its cardholders, who “simply have to accept terms and conditions, or complete a two-factor authentication, and then no longer need to type in any other information”. 

CitiBank is a known innovator in the digital banking department, having recently partnered with PayPal to launch direct digital wallet payments and expanding its digital banking onboarding to over 37 countries. 

Mastercard, too, has recently collaborated with Samsung to help improve the tech brand’s pay-on-demand capabilities.