Delta’s Revamped App Reduces Travel-Related Stress

The new "digital concierge" includes an integration with Lyft as well as personalized information on security wait times and boarding.

Need to Know

  • Delta Air Lines has revamped its mobile app to serve as a “digital concierge” for passengers.
  • An integration with Lyft will allow users to order a ride and pay for their ride in miles.
  • The app is designed to serve as a one-stop-shop and reduce stress by informing travelers of security wait times, weather, and more.
  • 89% of people feel that travel is stressful, so Delta feels anything they can do to relieve anxiety is beneficial.


In a move to streamline the air travel experience, Delta Air Lines has overhauled its Fly Delta app. The revamped launch will function as a “digital concierge” which includes information about the weather, traffic, security, and airport wait times, and even includes integration with the rideshare app Lyft. 

The overhaul is targeted towards business travelers, whose seat purchases are growing much faster than coach seats. Studies also show that business travelers are 13% more likely to book a flight on a mobile device.

The integration with Lyft will allow customers to pay for their ride in miles, provide estimated arrival times from Lyft, and test a dedicated premium Delta-Lyft experience at some of the busiest US airports.

The new Fly Delta experience will also include “virtual queuing” so users will be notified when their seat is boarding, not just their flight. Customers will also be able to pre-select in-flight meals and view TSA wait times in certain markets. 

Delta appears to be dedicated to improving the traveler experience and reducing airport stress, as the number of travelers worldwide continues to grow. 

The TSA reportedly screened more than 2.8 million passengers in a single day on December 1, the busiest day in the agency’s history. Not surprisingly, a 2018 study showed that a “staggering” 89% of people think travel is stressful. 

The integration with Lyft could be the solution: Delta’s independent research shows that ridesharing helps reduce stress on travel days. 

Delta is not the only airline dedicated to reducing traveler stress. American Airlines recently introduced a new passport scanning feature to its mobile app, promising to reduce airport wait time. And Spanish airline Iberia is already testing a facial recognition app that could eliminate the need for travel documents altogether. 

But Delta’s goal is to create a one-stop-shop for Delta travelers. 

“Instead of checking one app for traffic, another for airport parking and a third for TSA wait times, Delta is building the capability to simplify travel by helping you manage everything from ridesharing and in-flight entertainment to bag delivery and hotels,” said Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines. 

“We’re excited to start exploring these possibilities with an innovative leader like Lyft, with whom we share a passion for making the customer travel experience even more rewarding.”