Domino’s Partners with Branch for Instant-Access Wages

Employees will be able to gather their wages after every shift, as opposed to waiting the normal two weeks.

Need to Know 

  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Domino’s, Branch, and Servant Systems are working together to let employees access their earnings instantly. 
  • Domino’s employees will be set up on an upgraded Branch app that will allow them to access wages after every shift.
  • The goal is to ensure employees have access to money when they need it, instead of relying on a cheque every week or two.
  • Known to innovate, Domino’s is one of many many major chains working to support its employees struggling during the pandemic. 


In order to provide employees faster access to cash, Domino’s is working with Branch, a challenger bank the pizza giant uses for employee payroll. The new integration will let employees access their earnings at the end of every shift, rather than waiting for the usual bi-weekly payment. 

The official partnership is between Branch, the bank, and Servant Systems, the software company behind Domino’s finance and payroll system. The actual Branch platform used by Domino’s, however, is an employee scheduling and pay-management app, which is popular in the restaurant industry. 

Through the new integration, Domino’s employees will be set up on the Branch app and will be able to access earnings instantly, a feature designed by Branch initially to challenge traditional payday loans. 

Always keen to innovate, the fast-tracked access to cash is one of many bold moves Domino’s has made in recent months. Famous for their pizza delivery tracker, Domino’s has since upgraded the service to include GPS tracking technology, allowing customers to follow their pizza from the store to their door. Domino’s also launched Pie Pass this year, an app integration that allows for a more streamlined digital ordering experience.  

Instant access to earning is one way a major chain can innovate to support its employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Other corporations, such as Canada’s largest grocers Metro and Loblaw, have announced a pay increase for staff working through the pandemic. The leadership team at Ally Financial is supporting their team with access to telemedicine consults, free mental health support, and 100% coverage of COVID-19 diagnostic testing.