DragonTail Launches Camera Tech to Track Restaurant Cleanliness

The new feature lets restaurants send their customers a photo of their food being prepared along with a safety checklist.

Need to Know

  • Dragontail Systems launches an AI-powered camera that can track if correct sanitation procedures are being followed.
  • Customers will receive a photo of their food to see it has been cooked properly, as well as a checklist of steps proving the food was handled safely.
  • Dragontail first came onto the scene when they partnered with Domino’s to send the customers a photo of their pizza as it came out of the oven.


Restaurants can now guarantee that food is sanitary and has been handled safely, thanks to a new AI-powered camera from Dragontail Systems

Dragontail Systems first came onto the scene after partnering with Domino’s to launch a camera that could be mounted above a restaurant workstation to show that a customer’s pizza was being cooked to their preference. The camera would take photos of the pizza, which Domino’s would then send to the customer to show them their pizza was made properly and is on its way.

Now, Dragontail has added additional features that allow for the camera to also check that correct sanitation procedures are being followed. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are understandably increasingly concerned about who has touched their food and if they were wearing gloves. Dragontail’s new camera can detect those sanitation conditions.

Not only will customers receive a photo of their food to show that it has been cooked properly, but they will also receive a checklist of steps taken to prove that the food was handled safely. 

“Dragontail Systems’ technology will empower fast-food services and restaurants of any size to address the growing concern of health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Ido Levanon, CEO and Director of Dragontail Systems. “Our unique AI camera already helps hundreds of stores recognize even the smallest of errors often undetected by the human eye, for example pizza toppings above and below the cheese, or even the food’s temperature. Now we are upgrading our technology to monitor processes that may lead to virus spread or contamination. In doing so, we expect to develop more impactful insights that foster transparency and ensure quality standards set by the businesses and the end-customer.”

In conjunction with Dragontail’s Algo Dispatching platform, which “uses a sophisticated patented algorithm” to automate and streamline the kitchen flow and manage the entire food preparation process from order to delivery, the new QT AI Camera can fully optimize the entire restaurant operation. 

Dragontail Systems is revolutionizing the quick-serve restaurant industry with AI machine learning technology. Adds Levanon, “The food industry needs an edge-complete solution that is specially customized with the end product in mind. Our system is designed to take on the role of the super manager … [enabling] us to work directly with our customers to find more ways to streamline operations while bringing in more business, guaranteeing meals arrive hot and fresh, reducing costs and increasing repeat-customers.”