FreshBooks Expands Platform With Over 50 New App Integrations

Compatibility is paramount when it comes to fintech and making client’s lives easier.

FreshBooks is doing just that by announcing they have now added more than 50 new apps and integrations to their platform, totalling over 65, a massive increase from the original 16 they had at the launch of new FreshBooks in late 2016.

The Toronto-based FreshBooks is a leading invoicing and accounting software platform designed for self-employed workers and their teams. The new integrations for the revamped platform include mega-popular apps like Google’s G Suite, Stripe, Hubspot and Bench. These additions will let small business owners save time and access funds even quicker.

Though FreshBooks was founded in 2003, they completely redesigned their platform in 2016 to better suit the needs of the evolving small business sector.

“Our mission at FreshBooks is to reshape the world to suit the needs of self-employed professionals and their teams,” said Mike McDerment, co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks. “Our recently redesigned platform was a big step forward to enable us to do more, faster for our customers, and that has included the rapid expansion of complementary apps and integrations.”

FreshBooks has a big customer base, helping more than 10 million people over 160 countries send invoices, track and schedule time, and manage expenses or payments. The platform has seen billions of dollars in transactions completed.

The expansion of integrated apps and offerings is huge for FreshBooks customers. It spans everything from scheduling to communication to CRM. In addition to the new features listed above, big names like Salesforce, Trello, Mailchimp, Zapier and Basecamp are available through the new FreshBooks platform too. These will all be easily searchable on a newly redesigned integrations page.

The new offerings let customers use FreshBooks as a one-stop shop for almost every kind of financial need.

“We spent a lot of time and money on payroll, accounting and invoicing for more than a decade,” said Richard Berman, owner and founder of Oakland-based marketing agency Verb Factory. “We switched to FreshBooks for our accounting, integrated with Gusto for payroll and Bench for bookkeeping. All three of them work together seamlessly and create real value by automating manual processes while saving significant time.”

FreshBooks raised $57 million in the summer of 2017 to innovate their platform and it’s a safe bet to say that some of that went towards collaborating with these massive platforms and adding new integrations into the platform.