Hurdl Completes Techstars Music, Raises Seed Round to Leverage Data from Live Events

Hurdl has raised a $2.5 million seed round following its completion of the Techstars Music accelerator program.

The experiential marketing company raised the capital from athletes in the NBA and NHL as well as LaCorte Ventures, CNBC, and others.

Hurdl provides an analytics platform for collecting, analyzing and generating insights from attendee data for live events. During the Techstars program the startup worked with mentors from Warner Music, Coca Cola, and others.

“Having spent more than 20 years as a senior executive in entertainment and events, I have often looked out at huge crowds in venues thinking ‘Who are these people? How do we make fans in the nosebleed seats feel closer?’” said Ezra Kucharz, former president of digital media at CBS, a strategic investor and advisor. “With Hurdl, the next-gen event experience is born, one where we can engage with entire audiences in real time without an app.”

The seed capital will fund Hurdl’s software-as-a-service, allowing clients to target qualified marketing leads, and evolve its PIXL wearable, the startup’s key to tapping into attendee preferences.