Invoke Media Launches Invoke Labs, a New Canadian Incubator

Vancouver-based Invoke Labs, a product incubator arm that will act as a separate company.

Invoke, which was founded in 2005, is known for creating, Sprout, and—most famously—HootSuite, which is now an independent company. The 40-employee digitial marketing firm says Invoke Labs will “intensify its focus on product development.” Invoke Labs has existed within Invoke for years but will now operate as its own entity.

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“Invoke Labs provides incubation services to technology startups with compelling ideas,” explains COO Keith Ippel, who will manage Labs. “We want to help both Invoke Media and smart entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality, while providing opportunities for direct investment for investors in a diversified risk model.”

Invoke has long prided itself on blending product innovation and creative services to provide unique and lasting value to the world’s leading brands. The creation of a distinct incubation arm enables the company to deploy its resources more effectively and concentrate its efforts on developing products.

“At Invoke Labs, we look for smart people with compelling ideas that have a lot of potential. Combined with our culture and experience, we think we can help build some really amazing businesses,” added Invoke co-CEO David Tedman.

Will Invoke Labs churn out Vancouver’s next HootSuite?