PageCloud Launches Product Following $1 Million in Preorders, Says Web Design is ‘Broken’

PageCloud has launched what it claims is the “world’s most advanced web editor” following strong preorders.

The Ottawa startup’s presale success has been impressive, raising more than $6 million in venture capital and over $1 million in preorders.

“The response we’ve seen so far, even before launching our product, has been phenomenal,” said Craig Fitzpatrick, founder and CEO of PageCloud.  

PageCloud, a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt NY this year, will charge $24 per month per site, effective December.

“It’s clear that we’re meeting an extreme need and can completely change the web as we know it,” Fitzpatrick added.
We’re bringing the internet back to the way it was always intended—to be a place where anyone can create and share something online.” 

Founded in 2014, PageCloud wants to render products like WordPress obsolete by enabling website creation without restrictions.

“We realize that the web building space has long-standing incumbents, but we’re confident that the success we’re already seeing with our product is indicative that we can compete and fix the web for everyone,” said Fitzpatrick. “Web design right now is broken, and our product completely fixes the process by building upon familiar, intuitive behaviors to make web design simplistic and more artistic for the average web user.”