Pizza Hut Taps Analytics Firm to Boost Promotions, Workflow

The pizza chain is investing in tech to drive smarter promotions and streamline workflows across the UK.

Need to Know

  • Pizza Hut has partnered with AI-powered analytics company Manthan to improve efficiency and streamline revenue across the UK.
  • Manthan works to improve business insights by understanding workflows and customer habits, which Pizza Hut can then use to improve promotions and increase store traffic.
  • In an effort to compete with top pizza chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut is investing in tech to increase innovation and customer experience.
  • Pizza Hut recently closed 500 US stores but is no stranger to innovation in the fast-food industry.


In an effort to empower their franchise owners with more business insights, Pizza Hut has partnered with Manthan to deploy a Restaurant Analytics Solution across all Pizza Hut delivery locations in the UK. 

Manthan is an AI-powered analytics company that works with restaurants to provide detailed customer and business analytics. This information will allow business owners to increase customer engagement by predicting what would appeal to them, which promotions will drive traffic, and more. By making informed business decisions, these restaurants can improve their efficiency and overall revenue. 

Pizza Hut UK’s analytics solution has been deployed across several departments, including sales, marketing, operations, guest experience, HR and planning. The new tech is designed to reduce “time spent on analyzing and driving insights around operational bottlenecks, sales challenges, promotional performance, store benchmarking and delays in reporting,” explains Kate Vacovec, head of commercial planning for Pizza Hut UK and Europe. 

“As a strategic technology partner, Manthan strengthens our ability to bring scalability, speed, and disruptive innovation as Pizza Hut continues to elevate the customer experience through greater convenience and personalization. Their technology is a complete game-changer for us, and I suspect it will be for the entire hospitality industry.”

With Pizza Hut’s recent closure of 500 US stores, the famous chain has been losing its status as one of the world’s top pizza places. And as data and AI has begun to permeate nearly every industry, tech innovation is essential in order to compete. 

Pizza Hut competitor Domino’s recently added GPS tracking to their delivery app in an effort to keep up with delivery apps like UberEats and DoorDash, and even grocery stores like Publix are innovating by providing delivery for made-to-order deli meals. 

But the beloved brand is not going down without a fight, instead investing millions in tech to stay ahead of the curve. 

The increased focus on tech and innovation should come easily for Pizza Hut. The pizza chain has always been innovative, from launching the first-ever online pizza order back in 1994 to becoming the first to test out a new pizza delivery robot this year.   

“We’re all about investing in innovation across the board at Pizza Hut,” Pizza Hut chief brand officer Marianne Radley told QSR Magazine last year. “Whether it’s collaborating with our Plano-based friends at FedEx, working with Toyota to create a mobile pizza-making factory on wheels a reality, or dropping new menu items like the iconic Cheesy Bites Pizza, bold innovation has been in our DNA for decades.