Swarovski Taps Livestream Tech to Host Virtual Shopping Events

The jewelry giant joins a number of major brands who are using virtual shopping experiences to better connect with customers

Need to Know 

  • Swarovski has begun leaning into virtual shopping by hosting its own online shopping events.
  • Using Go Instore, a video streaming platform that offers virtual shopping services, customers can join a livestream to ask questions or see products close up.
  • Livestream shopping may be the next big thing for retail’s new normal: along with Swarovski, other major brands like Samsung and L’Oreal are tapping into the useful new tech.


Swarovski is tapping into new retail technology to offer virtual shopping experiences for its customers. Using Go Instore’s platform, the renowned jewelry company can now connect customers with sales consultants directly from their desktop or mobile devices.

Go Instore, a video streaming platform, allows retail brands to connect with customers but hosting virtual shopping experiences. The service allows companies to access customers in a new way, allows retail staff to work from home (or anywhere else, really), and provides customers access to staff “in-person” to ask questions about products or services. 

Recently, tech company Samsung partnered with Go Instore to host their own virtual customer shopping experience. 

“Partnering with Go Instore enables us to enhance digital experience for our customers, especially during a time when they may prefer to engage virtually,” said Nick White, online director at Samsung UK & Ireland. “When buying online, expert advice is always beneficial but is not always accessible through online retail channels. The Samsung live video chat solution facilitates that human interaction as it connects our experienced experts directly to our customers.”

Now, Swarovski is following in Samsung’s footsteps with the launch of their own virtual shopping experience, starting in Australia. 

According to the brand’s Linkedin post sharing the news, Swarovski’s aim was to “build a connection online and ensure a personalized experience through a live video chat.” 

And on Swarovski’s website, the retailer explains that each virtual session will also offer customers a virtual tour of a physical store, offering customers the chance to “look at different products, get close-ups and direct the camera wherever you want it to go in-store.”  

Other beauty and fashion brands are leaning into the virtual shopping experience. 

Most recently, beauty giant L’Oreal has hosted shoppable livestream events for some of its major makeup brands, including Lancôme and Urban Decay. L’Oreal uses a different virtual shopping app, Canadian-based Livescale. 

Virtual shopping events are free to join but availability will depend on your region.