Toronto’s Kolody Releases First-Ever, Bluetooth-Powered, Screen-Share, Multi-Player iOS Game

As someone who really got into mobile communications during the early days of the continued QR Code craze—where the lastest statistics report that 20 million Americans scanned a QR Code in the United States in October 2011, representing about 7.5% of the population, up from about 5% in June 2011—you can only imagine my excitement that a Canadian company was doing something innovative with another mobile communications technology (bluetooth) and your iDevices as seen in Game On: Finance’s Canadian Interactive Showcase. 

The specialist digital agency Kolody in conjunction with the children’s cartoon network Teletoon has developed apparently the world’s first screen-share multi-player iOS game powered by Bluetooth using 2D Sprite Sheet. The Johnny Test, Roller Johnny game was created using Unity 3D. Kolody says they had to uniquely predict the visual effects of lag and connection placement for the game to work in a multi-player fashion across multiple devices.

While device proximity helps in terms of less bandwith usage, the company says that it actually uses one-third of the bandwith they originally predicted the game would.  The app is 99 cents to download in the App Store

It’s something that perhaps Animated Media, a Toronto-based company that is reworking flash from the ground up could help future projects continue to explore this vastly expanding mobile communications field as the web switches to HTML5 and solutions such as theirs as they argue flash needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. 

Further, Andrea Wahbe reported on Duncan Stewart’s 2012 predictions saying that NFC will be used for more than just payments this year.

Well, imagine the possibilities for gamers and beyond.