UBS Focuses on User Experience With New Mobile Banking App

UBS has revitalized its iPhone app with visualizations and one-click advisor access to better serve its digital-native customer base

Need to Know

  • UBS Wealth Management has launched an entirely redesigned Financial Services iPhone app in collaboration with Deloitte.
  • The new app features one-click access to financial advisors, simple payment processes, and clearer milestone visualizations.
  • UBS employes 67,000 people worldwide, with 31% serving the US market.
  • 9 out of 10 advisors use a client portal to communicate with clients, according to Financial Planning’s 2020 Tech Survey.


The US arm of UBS, the largest Swiss bank and one of the largest financial institutions in the world, has launched a fully-redesigned financial services app for iPhone, in collaboration with Deloitte. 

With an aim to help clients gain a more complete picture of their total wealth, the app focuses heavily on streamlining the user experience. UBS noticed that dated financial service apps hinder user experience and uptake.

In order to shape a personalized perspective for clients, the app asks real-world questions such as: What are you passionate about? Who are the people you care about most? What do you really want to do with your wealth and life?

“At UBS, we’re proud to give clients an all-new experience that reflects their immediate and future financial needs and goals,” said Kraleigh Woodford, head of digital client experience at UBS Wealth Management USA.

Not only will clients now be able to guide their own financial decisions using in-app insights, but they’ll have one-click access to their financial advisor, simple payments, and clearer milestone visualization to help them plan for the future. 

“Digital is a huge part of the landscape Americans operate in today,” says Woodford. “Mobile apps help strengthen and deepen relationships using digital that are a huge help to our advisors.”

Gordon Smith, Deloitte’s US Digital wealth management leader says, “We are proud to have collaborated with UBS to create an award-winning digital experience that looks beyond account balances to get to the heart of what clients care about most. By doing so, UBS is able to provide a more personalized and holistic experience that enhances their clients’ financial futures.”

UBS has offices worldwide, with about 31% of its 67,000-strong workforce focusing on the US market. But UBS is not alone in pushing forward with mobile domination: Goldman Sachs launched the Marcus app recently, with CIBC and RBC in Canada being strong players in the mobile space already, and BBVA seeing huge transformations with its digital and mobile banking apps.