WagJag.com launches WagJag Express – a location-based, time-sensitive mobile application

Today, Toronto-based WagJag.com announced the launch of its new mobile application WagJag Express, a location-based and time-sensitive mobile daily deal platform. WagJag.com is the first Canadian company to introduce this new way of purchasing daily deals.

Jeremy Zuker, General Manager of WagJag.com says that with WagJag Express, “customers can access deals faster and easier than ever and merchants now have a new tool to help their business grow.”

Launching first in the Toronto market, WagJag Express will offer $1 deals throughout the month of August – starting in the Entertainment District. The app is available to download for free via iTunes. Select businesses will offer deals like a $1 ticket to Second City, a $1 lunch, a $1 yoga session and hundreds of other deals, throughout popular neighbourhoods in Toronto.

All proceeds from the first day of launch, on August 3rd, will go to the Stop Community Food Centre, a non-profit food bank and sustainable food systems educator. Also on that day, WagJag branded ambassadors will be giving out free coffee, ice cream and hot dogs to anyone who downloads the WagJag Express app at various locations in Toronto.

The benefit for WagJag Express customers
Once you’ve downloaded the app, WagJag Express detects your location and identifies fabulous deals nearby, which you can purchase and use right away. The app is a great way to find new businesses in your neighbourhood and helps you save money on things you need at that very moment – like a haircut or something to eat.

The benefit for businesses
Many merchants, like Second City and Moksha Yoga who were at the WagJag Express press conference today, say that a huge challenge with other daily deal programs is not knowing when customers will be redeeming your deals. This makes it hard to to staff accordingly – in case a huge onslaught of customers show-up at the same time. The benefit of using WagJag Express is that the deal is only available for a few hours a day and is to be redeemed within an allocated time, using a mobile device.

The other big plus for new merchants who sign-on with WagJag Express is that the company is offering a complimentary iPad that comes loaded with a new online portal to help businesses track and measure customer relations. When a customer buys your deal through the mobile app or online, you instantly see the customer’s name on the iPad and can be prepared for their arrival.

“We are focused on solving the needs of local merchants and are constantly innovating and evolving our products. This new mobile product is a game changer for local commerce,” says Candice Faktor, V.P Strategy & New Ventures at TorStar Digital.