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Kickstart Your Career in Marketing

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Event Details & Agenda

Our 'Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing' series is focused on exploring what it takes to start your career as a Digital Marketer, Social Media Marketer or Search Marketer (SEO/SEM). Each hour-long event is led by an industry leader in digital marketing, who will guide you through the fundamentals of digital marketing, industry trends and case studies on how the world's most successful companies craft marketing campaigns that turn into global phenomena.

  1. Industry and Trends10 mins
  2. Case Studies in Marketing10 mins
  3. Career Possibilities & Marketing Roles20 mins
  4. Mapping Out a Career Transition15 mins
  5. Next Steps15 mins

Learn About The Field of Marketing

We'll outline the tremendous growth in digital marketing and how that's leading to tens of thousands of new jobs being created each year. We'll also dig deeper into the emerging marketing channels and trends.


of hiring managers struggle to fill digital marketing job openings1


estimated spending on digital marketing by 20232

Sources: 1) Bullhorn, 2) Forrester

Field of Marketing

Key Tools

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Explore Industry Case Studies

We’ll walk you through how some of the most successful brands in the world build effective marketing campaigns.

Explore Career Paths and Skills in Marketing

  • Digital Marketer

    Digital Marketer

    Coordinates and implements marketing campaigns that promote a brand or product using digital media.

  • Social Media Marketer

    Social Media Marketer

    Builds and manages campaigns via their company’s social media channels to grow and connect with their audience.

  • Search Marketer (SEO/SEM)

    Search Marketer (SEO/SEM)

    Analyzes and improves search engine rankings for a company’s website by optimizing their content for keyword searches.

Connect With Like-Minded Professionals

Who Is This Event For?

This session is perfect for professionals who are seriously considering a career transition into marketing. We’ll break down opportunities in the field and help you map out your next steps.

  • You are considering a career in marketing
  • You’re looking for help planning out your career transition
  • You're searching for learning opportunities to get into marketing

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