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Introducing Synapse, the world's first data-driven learning platform.

A Modern Approach to Learning

Synapse is an intuitive extension of BrainStation's Instructor-led learning experience,
providing a data-driven platform that enables and encourages collaboration and feedback.

Personalized Learning

Synapse gathers key insights to provide a personalized learning experience meant to accelerate learning and facilitate networking.

Real-Time Feedback

Seamless, responsive feedback mechanisms increase the rate of comprehension and engagement, providing a deeper learning experience than ever before.

Ongoing Engagement

Accessible content and learning materials drives further academic exploration and student engagement.

24-Hour Access

Freedom to access learning materials and resources at any time encourages preparation and enables continuous content review.

Social Learning

Engaging with classmates and Instructors across mediums complements learning and builds a valuable network.

Course Preparation

Advanced access to readings, coupled with comprehension reminders, helps organization and preparation.

Track Progress

Instructor comments on coursework are presented alongside project requirements to create a constructive feedback process.

Data-Driven Learning

Instructors track the comprehension of course content to develop a personalized learning experience for each student

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