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Analyze, optimize & grow

Google Analytics and AdWords are two of the world’s most widely used cloud-based platforms, in use by the vast majority of today’s digital marketing teams. Approximately 50 million websites use Google Analytics to track and measure the performance of web properties and marketing campaigns, while an estimated 1.2 million advertisers use Google AdWords.

What we teach

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Fundamentals

Google Analytics Fundamentals provides training on the core platform, with a focus on creating segments, interpreting data, and generating reports.

Advanced Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics training equips teams with an understanding of campaign management including sophisticated optimization and setup.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Fundamentals

Google AdWords Fundamentals provides an understanding of the platform and how to launch an effective AdWords campaign with compelling copy through keyword research.

Advanced Google AdWords

Advanced Google AdWords training equips teams with a deeper understanding of the platform, along with frameworks to optimize campaigns and increase success.

Expert guidance on Analytics & AdWords

Expert guidance on Analytics & AdWords

Instructor-led training provides your team direct access to an expert with a wealth of experience implementing and using Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Expert guidance and coaching ensures increased knowledge retention and establishes best practices and processes tailored to your organizations needs.

Training offered Online or In Person

BrainStation Training is offered in our state-of-the-art campuses or through our world-class, custom-built learning portal. Both delivery formats empower Instructors to lead live lectures and provide immediate feedback.

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