10 Great Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

By BrainStation September 18, 2019

Few people spend as much time online as Digital Marketers, whether they’re publishing content, conducting research, or searching for inspiration.

And using that time as efficiently as possible means leveraging some of the powerful and innovative tools that can boost your browser’s performance – as well as your own. With that in mind, we rounded up 10 of the best Chrome extensions for Marketers.


If you live in fear of dashing off an email, social-media missive, or Google Doc with a misspelled word, an embarrassing punctuation gaffe, or a humiliating typo, Grammarly is a must-have.

Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant highlights spelling and punctuation errors across emails, messages, documents, products, and social media, helping you ensure your writing is letter-perfect.

Even those spelling-bee champions among us who could never envision stumbling over a syllable will find useful features in Grammarly. The extension will also help you when you’re stuck looking for the perfect word, and by pointing out when your writing is messy, unclear, or redundant, Grammarly will make your writing more clear and succinct.


Most Marketers juggle a bevy of corporate and personal online accounts – say, with MailChimp, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Outlook – and that means juggling a lot of passwords. LastPass makes password storage streamlined and secure.

Once you have it installed, you can create one long secure master password with LastPass and let the extension handle the rest. Your password list grows when you save sites as you log in, import sites from your email, or upload sites from another password manager. You can use the password manager on any device for free, and everything you save in LastPass is automatically synced.

LastPass also makes it much easier to share passwords around an organization while keeping control centralized and convenient, a helpful feature for companies with many social-media creators.


To supercharge your SEO – and get a deeper look at how competitors are faring – Moz is a must-have.

Promising to simplify SEO, Moz is an all-in-one suite that will help you understand how people are arriving at your website, save keyword lists that you can track and update, help you strategically target keywords, track your rankings both locally and nationally, and keep track of your competition. Moz also offers custom suggestions for page optimization, it can help you find link opportunities, and it will create customized PDF reports.

Also helpful is Moz’s site crawl feature, which crawls your site for issues that it will then show you how to fix. 

Evernote Web Clipper

Anyone who spends a lot of time online will come across more interesting content than they actually have time to read. Enter Evernote’s Web Clipper.

Called a “save button for the web,” the Web Clipper will let you snip any useful information you come across online – web pages, articles, PDFs – so you can access it later on your Evernote account, wherever you happen to be.

You can also annotate screenshots, add tags and remarks, or edit titles so that your content is organized the way you want it.


With a range of tools on offer, BuzzSumo is all about content – finding which content is working for you and how to amplify its impact.

BuzzSumo offers an advanced social search engine that pinpoints the most shared content for a certain subject, author, or a domain across all major social networks, with advanced filtering tools allowing you to dig deeper into what types of content are working (for instance, differentiating between articles, infographics, videos, and giveaways). BuzzSumo will also help you find the key influencers on any topic, as well as the type of content, topics, and domains that seem to interest them. 

You can also set content alerts, produce content analysis reports for a topic or domain, and search for the most-shared content on your competitors’ domains.


Digital marketers overseeing social media will find a lot to like in Buffer, which promises to help you create the perfect post for all your social networks in one place.

Buffer’s simple dashboard allows you to draft posts, get feedback from other team members, create a preset publishing schedule for every social account, customize your content for each social network, easily manage access to your social accounts, and monitor your upcoming campaigns with its calendar.


Take the guesswork out of hashtags with RiteTag, which will help you optimize your social media posts with hashtag suggestions based on real-time engagement.

Once the extension is installed, right-click on an image or block of text for relevant and of-the-moment hashtag suggestions, which will help your post get noticed on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

RiteTag also has a color-coded system for different possible outcomes of your chosen hashtag: green indicates that it will get you noticed now; blue is for hashtags that will remain viable for a longer period of time; red means your post will disappear into the crowd; and gray denotes a hashtag that very few people are following.


Another great tool to stir inspiration, Muzli gathers together fresh and stimulating visual designs from around the Internet to inspire ideas for your next great social media campaign.

Drawing from more than 150 web sources including Dribbble, Behance, Mashable and Product Hunt, Muzli presents an array of cutting-edge design ideas, projects, and news each time you open a new tab.

If you spot something you like, you can click and learn more in a new browser window. 


With nearly 1.7 million users, Boomerang is one of the most popular Chrome extensions for Gmail users.

Boomerang has a slew of useful options, allowing you to schedule messages to send whenever you want, to track messages and set reminders when it’s time to follow up and to know whether your email was read or not with cross-platform read receipts.

And if your overflowing inbox is distracting you from a more urgent task, you can use its Inbox Pause function while still being notified about the most important emails.


Now that your browser is loaded with some of the best extensions to improve your productivity and content, this simple extension will help you manage all of those shiny new tools.

It’s a straightforward tool that lets you enable, disable, or uninstall extensions, access options, and manage your browser settings.

It also allows you to group extensions together so you can easily activate or deactivate related tools.

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